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Since the beginning, SmartReno has built up an extensive network of contractors in all areas of construction and renovation. From general contractors to basement renovation experts, we have a reputation for recommending the best of the best due to our strict selection process.

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Whatever the reason for installing a new floor, it is often a very good investment.

A new flooring installation can correct imperfections, add some style and even improve sound absorption. No matter why you decide to install a new floor, it is generally a good investment.

However, it is important to carefully choose a responsible contractor. Essentially, there are countless flooring installation and renovation specialists in Calgary offering different guarantees at varying prices. SmartReno helps you sort through the noise by selecting Calgary contractors with a proven track record. This ensures that you find a trustworthy contractor for your project.

The most common flooring installation projects in Calgary

Floors need to be durable over time despite the weight and friction they endure while also looking aesthetically pleasing. When it comes time to renovate them, it’s important to ask yourself: who can be trusted with such a delicate task?

Given the large number of contractors available in the province of Alberta, it may be difficult to find the right expert for the project. Let SmartReno pre-select the best ones for you. We have precise requirements that allow us to recommend only the most efficient professionals.

Discover the tasks regularly executed by our experts:

Sloping floor renovation

Certain old Calgary homes are subject to ground movement and an upgrade might be necessary to prepare a room for renovation. If this is a concern for you, don’t hesitate to ask several experts to review the situation and offer a solution.

Tile installation

Whether for a bathroom, kitchen or entrance hall, tile has many advantages. It is available in a range of colors and patterns, very moisture resistant and easy to clean. Therefore, it is an excellent option that doesn’t require much installation time.

Floating floor installation

This type of flooring is immensely popular in Calgary. It can easily add some real character to the rooms in your home. You can also install wood-imitation PVC flooring, which is available in many different shades, if you want to avoid the maintenance involved with natural wood.

Resilient linoleum flooring installation

Linoleum is the ideal choice for all children's rooms and heavily frequented areas. It is very popular with schools, gymnasiums and other spaces with heavy traffic and performs well due to its versatility and easy maintenance.

You now have a good idea what type of flooring is right for you. Take the next step now and contact the SmartReno team to find the best renovation experts in Calgary.