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Over time, Smart Reno has built an extensive network of contractors in all areas of renovation and construction, ranging from basement renovation to flooring. We have a strict selection process that allows us to match you with the best exterior siding specialists in Calgary.

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Why be mindful of your exterior siding wearing down?

With a climate that is anything but mild, the exterior siding of Calgary homes is severely tested every year, leading to rapid deterioration. To ensure the safety of your home, as well as good insulation, it is important to check the condition of your exterior siding and renovate it when necessary.

Smart Reno helps you choose the most qualified expert to carry out your project. Our goal is to find you the best contractors so you can avoid unpleasant surprises due to carelessness and incompetence.

Common exterior siding projects in Calgary

Exterior siding serves several purposes. It primarily protects against damage resulting from sudden changes in weather but also adds esthetic value to your home. It should therefore be chosen carefully.

To help you avoid mistakes when planning your renovation, Smart Reno finds you the most qualified and trustworthy expert for the job.

Your chosen expert will guide you towards the most appropriate solution for your home.

Stone exterior siding

This very popular masonry material features unmatched solidity and is a sound investment for exterior siding. Moreover, the rustic look of stone will give your home a unique and authentic style.

Installing wood siding

Who said that wood was reserved exclusively for floors? If you want to give your home the look and feel of a cottage, opt for wood exterior siding. Make sure to choose a suitable type of wood to ensure your siding’s durability.

Vinyl siding

Vinyl exterior siding’s main advantage is its price. It is very affordable and well-suited for homeowners that want to add character on a limited budget.

Fibre cement, the most modern exterior siding in Calgary

Fibre cement’s popularity as an exterior siding came about due to a need for extra protection against the harsh winters in Alberta. Naturally resistant, this material is highly valued among homeowners who want durable siding.

If you haven’t found your preferred material in the choices above, be sure to explore other options such as brick, stucco or aluminum. There are tons of options!

Smart Reno provides a reliable and effective solution to finding the best exterior siding contractor in Calgary.

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