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Have you been considering it for a long time, but always postpone finishing your bathroom renovations?

Don’t wait any longer and let SmartReno connect you with the most reliable contractors in the Greater Calgary area. No matter the project you have in mind, we can find the expert you need to make your renovation plans a reality!

Bathroom renovation: 4 points to be addressed with the contractor responsible for the work

No matter where you live in the Calgary area, the company SmartReno can help you find a highly-qualified company that does exceptional work. Take the time to discuss with the contractor the 5 following points and get the bathroom of your dreams!

The bath or shower model to install

Think carefully about how you and other members of your household use the bathroom. Do you prefer quick showers or long, relaxing baths? Based upon your routines, your contractor can help you choose the right shower or bath model to install in your new bathroom.

Choosing new floors

Bathrooms are undoubtedly very humid rooms and have a natural tendency to accumulate moisture. This is why it is important to discuss the various types of floor material available to you with your contractor. The material chosen should be durable, resistant and water-repellent!

Storage space arrangement

Once your bathroom has been renovated, where do you plan to store your different hygiene products, towels and cleaning solutions? This aspect is often overlooked during renovations and you should make a point of discussing it with your chosen specialist before the work begins.

Strategic use of the entire space

Contractors who carry out bathroom renovations are often forced to work in confined spaces. They must therefore make logistical decisions to take advantage of all the space available when planning your new bathroom. Be sure to actively participate in these discussions in order to be satisfied with the end result.

With SmartReno, it's never been easier to find reliable contractors to take care of your bathroom renovations in the Calgary area! Don’t hesitate to contact us for any question related to our services. You’ve waited long enough; submit your bathroom renovation project today!