What’s for dinner?

Beautiful modern kitchen in a residential home

The kitchen is no doubt the heart of a home. It’s there we prepare meals for our loved ones, there that our secrets are shared, there that we leave messages so they will be seen. When you renovate a kitchen, you have to keep its form and function in mind. Even for kitchens, there are fashions! The trend of the year, European style, classical or modern concept: you have to think of everything before starting your renovations. Decisions should be made on plan so the renovations can be completed without problems. The cabinet drawers, or doors. Counters. Islands. Colours. The flooring. The lighting. Don’t forget consider ergonomics, placing everything so it makes sense, like accessing the bins easily, etc.


A kitchen’s biggest challenge is how to practically and stylishly store all the cookware, dishes, appliances, cutlery, accessories, etc… The choices for cabinet doors is a matter of personal tastes and costs: solid wood, melamine, thermoplastic, wood veneer, glass, plexiglass, composite materials such as melamine and stainless steel, etc… Professionals can advise you.


Since you’re renovating, why not go high-tech? With a sound system, state-of-the-art appliances, and electrical opening mechanisms for the cabinets and drawers, your home will have an even greater resale value, and your kids will find it pretty cool.

The Lighting

Your workspace should be well lit, just so as to avoid cutting your fingers while you’re slicing the onions and to create a cosy and tranquil atmosphere. Beware of halogen lighting, which heats up more than LED lighting. With the oven and other appliances on, your kitchen could quickly turn into a sauna! There’s an increasingly diverse choice for LED bulbs, with more options for brigthness and shape than previously available. In addition to being very energy efficient, they have a lifespan of almost 13 years!

The Counters

Granite, ceramic, NEOLITH porcelain, marble, slate, wood, stainless steel… consider every material for its functionality as well as its esthetics. For example, slate is available in several colours, and is one of the least expensive materials. Marble is resistant to water and heat, and is a robust and durable material, as well as easy to maintain and clean. However, it has to be treated with a sealant when installed to make it more resistant to stains from oil, lemon and other abrasives. Marble is more expensive than granite, which is still very stylish but harder to stain. When it comes to wood, you’re best to go for oak or teak with a varnished surface to protect it. It’s a natural look and cutting food is far easier. The most hygienic choice is stainless steel, but you have to like the more modern or “clinical” look.

Bon appétit!

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