What You Need to Know to Choose the Right Outdoor Furniture

Regardless of whether the cottage is intended for growing vegetables and fruits or for unity with nature, a recreation area is always organized on it. There are times when the site was equipped according to the residual principle: all the furniture that it was a pity to throw away was taken out to the country house. Today, the assortment of finished furniture and outdoor patio furniture is the widest, and the ideas of advanced summer residents make it possible to build a nice, functional, and stylish garden furniture from improvised materials. What to consider when choosing outdoor furniture covers? What style and size should it be, should there be outdoor motion sensor light used, and most importantly, what material of garden furniture is preferable?

Serious loads are imposed on country furniture, therefore outdoor furniture chairs should be:

  • resistant to precipitation;
  • resistant to sunlight, it is advisable not to fade;
  • easy to clean;
  • match the landscape design and the facade of the house.

If everything is not very good with the first two parameters, it is important that the better homes and gardens outdoor furniture are not very heavy to be hidden in the room if necessary.

Outdoor furniture material

The first thing that every person takes into account when choosing garden furniture is the material. There are several options:

  • plastic;
  • wood;
  • metal and forging;
  • natural and artificial rattan;
  • a rock;
  • improvised materials: pallets, stumps, tires, logs, old furniture, barrels, etc. – here the possible options are limited by your imagination and skills.

Outdoor furniture made of plastic

Plastic garden furniture is one of the most popular options, as it is distinguished by an affordable price and a mass of options. It can be whole, folding and collapsible – the choice depends on the purpose of use and the free space for storing such furniture.


  • low price;
  • low weight, which greatly simplifies transportation;
  • huge assortment. You can find both the simplest plastic furniture, and the one that imitates wood, vine, and even antiques. Separately, it is worth highlighting transparent polycarbonate – such furniture will not look cheap, but very modern, stylish and dignified – an option for sites in the style of minimalism;
  • ease of maintenance, because it is enough to wash the furniture from the hose and let it dry.


  • the material is afraid of sunlight, quickly burns out, so it is advisable to use plastic furniture in the shade of trees or in arbors;
  • during operation it gets quickly covered with scratches, which reduces its aesthetics;
  • low durability;
  • for the winter, such furniture needs to be hidden in the room;
  • almost complete the ability to be repaired, because it will be almost impossible to repair a damaged plastic countertop.

Outdoor furniture made of wood

Plastic garden furniture is one of the most popular options, as it is distinguished by an affordable price and a mass of options. It can be whole, folding and collapsible – the choice depends on the purpose of use and the free space for storing such furniture.


  • excellent appearance;
  • full environmental friendliness and naturalness;
  • strength and durability (subject to regular care);
  • plasticity of a tree allows to make furniture of any shape and design from it;
  • maintainability.


  • dependence on weather conditions;
  • flammability;
  • rotting;
  • the need for constant care;
  • price.

Size and style of garden furniture

The size and design of garden furniture depending on the size of the plot and the style of its design. A small terrace or gazebo will not tolerate large and massive furniture – in this case, it is better to use light plastic, folding wooden products or compact chairs and tables made of artificial rattan. Owners of spacious seating areas can afford roomy sofas made of rattan, wood with forging elements.

Choosing a style of furniture is based on the characteristics of the house and the site itself. If the cottage is designed in a modern style, then you can opt for metal chrome furniture or polycarbonate. Rough and massive furniture made of stumps and logs is suitable for a country-style site. Gardens, which are surrounded by greenery and flowers, can be supplemented with openwork wrought-iron furniture. If the facade of the house is decorated with wood, then garden furniture should be wooden. The universal option is artificial rattan.

Anything can be made stylish and functional for any budget. If the means allow, you can opt for ready-made garden furniture, and if necessary save money or if you want to create something that is not on the list of any manufacturer, you can build your own exclusive garden furniture using improvised materials and knowledge on how to clean outdoor furniture.


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