What We Need to Know About Skirting Boards

Finishing is everything. Whether it’s a cake, an article or the final touches on your new home, they complete the look and bring it all together. Skirting boards are especially chic if they fit with the arches and columns in the house, it ends up looking like a magazine insert with a certain finesse.

For someone like me in the process of building a house and nearly at the details and decorating stage, these are factors, I will soon be having to take into consideration. Eek. One wrong decision can throw off the whole design, can you say pressure?


How to choose a skirting board

The first thing to take in is the size and proportion of the room needing the trim, if you have high ceilings then a higher skirt would be appropriate, if not so much, then shorter would work best to not shrink the room completely.

Once you’ve measured what you’re going to need then comes the design choices, and surprisingly more difficult than I would’ve thought. Besides the fact that there are even more options imaginable, they each add such a different aesthetic to the overall picture.

The age of the house will help determine which direction to go in as choosing Edwardian styled boards to fit in an ultra-modern build might look significantly out of place.

Many elements and factors all working together to unite in a harmonious finish. Read about how to choose skirting boards for your house here https://www.homebuilding.co.uk/skirting-boards-a-design-guide/ and have your home looking glam in no time.


5 Reasons we need skirting boards

  • The boards are essentially used to cover up or ‘hide’ the joints between the walls and the floors. Creating a seamless flow.
  • Decoration. With the many designs and flourishes of options, they can add a great detail of décor to compliment the home.
  • Protection. It takes the burden of the kicks and scuffs of everyday life, sacrificing itself for the sake of safeguarding the wall.
  • Cabling. This can be a real eyesore if not done properly, thankfully being able to hide all the wires and cables behind and in skirting boards, the feel of the room is not obstructed.
  • Gaps. Fitting floors flush to meet the wall is tricky even for a skilled craftsman, having skirting boards can hide unsightly gaps that occur. In some cases when installing wood flooring gaps are purposely left to allow the wood to breathe as it contracts and expands, fitting a skirting board will cover the need and conclude the look.


Installing skirting boards

With every home being different and unique and each client requiring specific needs, it’s tough to quote an exact cost of having boards installed. There are also a few things to keep in mind before you start the project.

Do you want the building company to provide the materials? This, of course, will increase the price to include supply as well as installation. A good option to consider since most company’s get a good discount on materials due to constant supply and demand and buying in bulk.

Do you still have your old boards attached? Will you be removing them or would that need to be added to the list of tasks for the building team? Will the new ones be painted, or will they be purchased already prepped? Can you do this job to cut costs or you just add it to the list?

Make sure that once you have had someone come in to do measurements and have a look at the size of the job, that what you discuss and decide on is written in black and white. Have it all stated and then signed off by both of you before the project begins so there are no confusions and everyone knows upfront what’s expected of them.

Go on recommendations if possible, a company that is reliable and reputable and has satisfied customers. One such company, Metres Direct Skirting provides quality service you deserve at affordable pricing. This is your home, after all, a professional finish will make all the difference.


Types of skirting

There is plenty of fish in the sea when it comes to material options for your skirting boards, MDF has topped the list of choice in recent years due to its durability, anti-warping, and cost, and it is a favorite all-rounder.

Softwood is another top option as it allows for movement, even better is that it is made in such a way that it can be re-sanded and varnished so the need for replacing is not as often. Hardwood, on the other hand, is the cream of the crop, made from oak and giving that high-end look, it does come with a price tag though.

Depending on your budget, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to have a smart finish, with the right materials and installation, you wouldn’t tell the fruit from the tree as they say. Match it to your homes aesthetic and you’ll emanate chicness.

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