Ways to make your home safe in 2020

Now a day, Technology has virtually taken over all the Basic to Moderate to Advance living of our life. We are surrounded by it which is making our life more and more comfortable and safe. Home safety is always paramount in every individual mind. In this year, 2020 where every nook and corner of the world is affected by the Pandemic COVID – 19, the Need for home safety has increased many fold. Due to the corona epidemic, all the people of the house are coming to the hospital, so that the security of the house has to be taken care of. Gone are days of Lock and Key and here is the time to welcome the Intrusion detection system (IDS). A futuristic system driven by technology includes various components like Alarm System at Door, CCTV coverage in around Home, Sensors at Windows/Doors, Water sensor at Basement to intimate flooding, and many other features.


Intrusion means, entering or violating the right of the proprietor without his/her permission or knowledge. Anyone entering your home may harm you in various ways. There the need for IDS arises. The IDS is designed to monitor, control, and further prevent accesses or activities on the given premise. It works in a synchronized way. The alarm system will inform you about the possible intrusion, CCTV will record the activity, and sensors attached will inform the law enforcement authority like Police thus making you safer.

To better protect your home or business, installed IDS should be monitored regularly. AN unattended IDS system will not make a good case. Many companies offering IDS, also offer interpersonal contact with the owners in the case of any violation of the system.  Only sensor triggering or alarm triggering in case of any burglary, will make a sound of any sort.

Advanced IDS may include Motion Sensors. In this type of arrangement, sensors read the movement of any object by emitting Rays which will bounce back after touching the moving object. The motion sensor could be either an Active type or Passive Type. As the name suggests, Active sensors work just like Radar or Sonar, looking for the smallest movement in the room. The movement caused by wind or any non-living objects can activate the sensor, thus giving a false alarm. Passive sensor’s works are fitted with infrared technology which activates the alarm based on the Thermal environment of the rooms. Motions sensors should always be installed in highly accessible areas like Balcony, Corridor, or near the Almirahs.

You will also have an option to monitor or observe yours properly through Mobile phones Applications or Desktop/Laptop Monitor. The screen will show you the live CCTV footage of the home and in case of triggering the sensor/alarm, you may receive a message or sound notification. It will alert you and you may further proceed to your place to look after. This system also works in tandem with smart home solutions. For example, Motion sensors installed for safety can help the smart lighting system to switch off the light when no object motion is detected.


So IDS is an integrated system of Many technologies working together to achieve the real goal of safety and security. Whatever you earn or save, that much be protected in every possible manner. Whether you are at home or away for work, Burglars/Intruders are always looking for the loopHoles to enter your premises without your permission and harm your hard-earned saving or items. Install the Intrusion detection system and be sure about the safety and have a sound sleep in the night or just go out without any apprehensions. IDS system is awake and working for you 24*7.

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