Tumble Dryer: How It Works And How To Choose The Right One

Drying your clothes outside your house can be a challenging task, especially when you are only allowed a limited drying space. If you live in a cold country, having a tumble dryer might be the best home appliance you could have to get your clothes dry. Tumbler Dryer resembles much like a combination of a washing machine and a hairdryer. It rotates wet clothes inside a drum while blasting hot air through the vents to dry your laundry. It did not just eliminate your need to rely on the weather but also speed up the drying process.

Types of Dryers

There are three main types of dryers, the vented dryer, the condenser dryer, and the heat-pump dryer. The vented dryer features a long hose that is connected to the dryer and release the water to the outside of your home. It can be through a window or a small hole. This type of dryer is a more traditional type and less expensive compared to another choice of tumble dryer which is the condenser dryer. This dryer, on the other hand, dries out the water from the clothes or drained away. You don’t need a hole or a window to vent out the air. Most tumble dryers will tell you using a light indicator when it’s time for the container to be empty. The last type is the heat-pump dryer. It uses smart technology to dry your laundry by blowing hot air to take out water from the tub, which then dries up in a tank. The heat-pump type of dryer is more expensive compared to the first two dryers. It has the most advanced features and saves a lot of energy compared to other types of dryers.

How does it work?

The tumble dryer has a large compartment that holds and spins the clothes. It is very similar to the drum you always see in a washing machine. After putting your wet clothes to the compartment, it will start to rotate, and the heating process will begin. The air enters the tumble dryer through the vents. It then comes to contact with the elements that will heat-up the air. The hot air then gets to the wet clothes heating the water making the drying process faster.

Tumbler dryers also have safety features like any other home appliances. It mainly focuses on the risk of overheating. These tumble dryers have temperature shut-off switches that automatically turn off your machine once it reaches a certain temperature. The switches can be found in different areas depending on your tumbler dryer model. Most of the manufacturers place them near the lint screen. Some models also have sensors built in them. If the temperature is too high then the sensors will turn off the power of the dryer.

Things to consider

1.   Drum Size

Determining what size tumble dryer you need is an important thing to consider when choosing the right one for you. The capacity of a tumble dryer usually ranges from 7kg to 10kg. If you stuff more clothes to the tumble dryer, the more cost-efficient and energy-efficient they are. An 8kg drum size is ideal for a family of three and has the capacity of up to 40 adult shirts or a queen-size duvet. If you live in a small home or an apartment, you may want to go for a more compact model. They offer enough drying space perfect for a single person or couple. Making them convenient for household owners with limited space.

2.   Automatic or Manual

Due to technological advancement, some newer tumble dryer models have an automatic sensor function. It stops the dryer once it senses that the clothes inside the machine are dry. However, they tend to be more expensive compared to other types of dryers. If you are searching for less pricey machines, you can have the manual and timed tumble dryers. They are less expensive than power sensor dryers. The only downside of it is that you have to manually set the machine yourself and might take some time than usual.

3.   Features

Features vary from machine to machine. Some are accustomed to just three settings but some have more available functions to choose from, allowing you to select the most suitable program based on your needs. If you want to dry a few items but want to save energy and time you can use a half-load setting. If you want to use cool air to refresh clothes that have become dusty or accumulate some odor, you can use the freshen upcycle. If you have children at home and you don’t want them to fiddle with the controls, look for a tumble dryer that has a child lock security. These are just some of the features that are available in some tumble dryer, make sure to look for the machine that has the programs that will help you ease up your task.


Having a tumble dryer in your house is a great investment. They are economical and most of them received a letter grade of A+++ which means it is very energy efficient. Tumble dryers are also very easy to maintain. Clean the lint filters after each cycle to keep your machine running at its optimum performance. Identifying and making yourself knowledgable will bring you to the best tumble dryer that will perfectly match your needs.


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