Top reasons why you need to opt for Concrete patios

An outdoor patio is the best way to take advantage of fall and summer. You can unwind and relax at your outdoor patio after a hectic day at the office. There are a few options available for homeowners as far as choosing a patio material is concerned.

Concrete patios are preferred because of their durability and great look. These are a clear winner when compared to patio surfaces designed from bricks, paver stones, and wooden decks. If you are looking for readymade concrete mixes that enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property and at the same time ensure proper finish and workability, then check out the offerings at reputed companies such as Aggregate MN.


There are numerous advantages of choosing concrete patios. Here are the top reasons why you need to go for them.


  1. Versatility of Concrete

Wooden decks are pretty straightforward. You choose a good design and get it installed. You have limited options in choosing from stain and sealant colors. Similarly, crushed limestone or gravel patios are also quick solutions. These are inexpensive and offer limited style choices when it comes to the color. Contrastingly, there are thousands of options available when it comes to choosing a finish and style of a concrete patio.

Finishing techniques such as staining in blended and solid colors and designing geometric patterns on concrete patios are quite inexpensive, to begin with. Moreover, sophisticated design options such as engraving or embossing into concrete surfaces run a little upwards as far as the price factor is concerned.

A variety of design options are available. They are easy to create on the entire patio area and render a unique look to your backyard. Learn how to style your concrete patios by clicking this link


  1. Initial cost

The initial cost of a typical concrete patio is quite less in comparison to using paving stones or a wooden deck. The cost per square foot for designing a concrete patio begins at $15 per square foot. For wooden decks, the rate is almost double. If you are looking for durable and inexpensive options that provide great style options, then you need to invest in concrete patios.


  1. Easy to care

If you want to keep your patio looking incredible for long, then you just need to sweep it clean and sluice it with your garden hose. This is all you need to care for the patio and stay mesmerized with its beauty for years. The best thing is that the surface won’t harbor weed growth, pests, and mold. You can apply a coat of sealant to maintain its good looks for years to come.


  1. Durability

Your concrete patio will remain functional and gorgeous for years to come. It is completely fireproof. It won’t sink, warp or rot. You just need to ensure that it includes proper reinforcement and good drainage during patio installation. Proper curing will also prevent random cracking.


  1. Unified look

If you are choosing to install a decorative concrete walkway and a concrete patio, then it will impart a unified and classy look to your property. Built-in concrete chairs and benches will also match with the surrounding landscape. Click here to look for inspiring designs for your patio.


  1. Quick installation

You just need to let the design set for a few hours, for your concrete patio to be ready. Allowing it to set for a day or two will cure the surface and you would be able to walk on it. However, you need to refrain from moving heavy objects such as furniture over the surface for at least a week.


  1. Cost savings and longevity

With little maintenance, you can prolong the life of your concrete patio. Also, sanding or scrubbing a little can prepare the surface to be resealed. Sealant application is simpler in concrete patios in comparison to wooden ones. Moreover, applying sealant needs to be done once in two to three years. If maintained appropriately, then a concrete patio can last for over 30 years.



A professionally designed concrete patio surface will not just improve the value of your home but will also maximize your return on investment. You can choose from a plethora of style options to ensure that the patio design perfectly complements your home and is the best fit for your backyard landscaping and design.

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