Top 5 Money Saving Tips for Maintaining Your Pool

Not being sensitive enough about the pool causes massive financial wastages in homes and recreational facilities. A pool can either be mint or a money drain depending on how well you treat it. It is easy to save money by taking care of the swimming pool. However, few people know how to do this.

This article gives 5 essential tips that will help maintain your pool while saving you money. These are :

Buy Equipment Early

Most people rush to buy pool cleaning supplies just at the onset of summer. At this point, the price of pool chemicals and other equipment are already highly. Depending on your areas peak season, buy what you need for your pool early. We lose most money during this time as you do not even have time to window shop. You can also buy some things in bulk so that even when there is a need, you still have supplies. Do not wait until the last minute to buy pool equipment. Plan and buy things you need from the most expensive to the least.

Save Water

Water is not cheap and while it may be abundant in the pool, it reflects wastage in accounts. It gains a hefty amount by water billing companies from pool owners every month. However, saving this precious fluid can significantly reduce the amount you spend. It is important to fix leakages as they cost you a lot in the form of wasted water. Try to reduce evaporation by using a pool cover when the pool is not in use. It can also help maintain warmth in the water. Try to prevent backwash as much as possible. As soon as the water turns clear stop cleaning.

Robotic Cleaners

Robotic cleaners define pool cleanliness. You only buy robotic cleaners once for a lifetime of the surface. They are also very thorough in their cleaning. It is easy to see them quickly sweep over the pool floor collecting debris and scrubbing the walls from your relaxation. Without a question, robotic cleaners such as the solar pool skimmer can clean a pool faster and more thoroughly than human cleaners. It is 100% solar powered, so there is no need to worry about cables and utility cost. Some combine various brushes enabling then to do a spotless job. They are also by far the cheapest method of pool cleaning unless you do it yourself.

Filter Smartly

It is highly recommended that you keep your filters on as they reduce the chance of algae and other dirt entering your pool. It is important to know the survival conditions of algae. During the cold seasons or ideally winter, leaving filters on will only empty your pockets. Algae are dormant hence little likelihood of them growing in your pool. Turn the filters on sometimes but don’t have them always on. During summer, keep them on for 10-12 hours to keep out the unwanted debris effectively. Also, clean the filters regularly to reduce damage to them.

Solar Covers.

They are the ultimate energy saver. Solar covers can reduce heat loss from your pool water while reducing the need for an electric pool water heater and eliminating huge electrical bills. Solar covers also save water by reducing evaporation during the night. It is also worth mention that having warm temperature pool water reduces the chances of cold contributed diseases. Solar covers are an economic avenue here to maintain your swimming pool.

Success comes at a price. However, it does not have to be your entire fortune. It is important to save yourself the rush of late buying when the prices are already at a peak. Making a few basic decisions, as shown above, could be the difference between a prosperous pool and a struggling one. Join the winning team today.

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