Top 5 Kitchen Design Ideas

We want to share our best kitchen design ideas with you.  The planning stage is the most important part when installing a brand new kitchen.  It is very common for people to get their kitchen designed by a company that manufactures kitchens, such as Magnet and Wren.  However, you still have a lot of input into the design process.  Below are the top 5 kitchen ideas you should consider when designing a kitchen yourself, or even through a kitchen manufacture:

  1. Try Different Kitchen Layouts and Sizes

The layout of your kitchen will decide how much floor space you will have.  If you do not have much floor space, then you may be able to reduce the depth of kitchen units in certain areas.  For example, the standard kitchen unit depth is 60cm.  Reducing this dimension will not only give you more floor space, but save you some money too! Do not be scared to try creative layouts, such as adding a breakfast bar.  Asses your current layout, and ask yourself if it could be improved.  You can view examples of Bespoke Fitted Kitchens here.  You can view a variety of kitchen layouts in their portfolio.

  1. Choose Plug Socket Locations Wisely

The best way to choose your plug socket locations is to visualise what kind of plug-in devices you will be using in your kitchen.  Consider where your kettle, microwave and toaster will be located.  It is important to have plug sockets in areas where they will most likely be used.  If you plan to install splashbacks on top of your kitchen surface, then ensure the plug sockets are installed above these.  Some people do not think about this, and have to buy splashbacks with holes cut into them for the sockets, resulting in extra costs.  Sockets for your fridge, dishwasher and washing machine can be located within the kitchen cupboards, out of sight.  Most countries require ovens to have fused spur sockets for extra protection and are normally part of the electrical regulations.

  1. Consider Energy Efficient Appliances

You will be using most of your kitchen appliances almost every day.  Appliances such as ovens, fridges, toasters, washing machines and dishwashers require a lot of power.  Check the energy ratings of your appliances before buying them.  You will be surprised how much you could save on your energy bill by paying a little extra for an A rated or more appliance.

  1. Use Extraction

Ventilation within a new kitchen is often overlooked. Kitchen design companies will recommend extractors, but not necessary good ones.  If possible, you should always go for a chimney extractor hood that vents to the outside, rather than a recirculation extractor.  They are very good at venting the moist air inside your kitchen to the outside, meaning there is less chance of condensation building up on your windows.  Extractors also help to remove grease particles floating around in the air.  Recirculation extractors have special filters that help absorb the moisture and grease in the air.  This cleaned air is then pumped out again.  These should only be used when it is not possible to duct through a wall to the outside.

  1. Choose a Decent Sink

Choosing a sink is probably more complicated then you may think.  There are so many styles, shapes and materials to choose from.  There are also different methods to install a sink, such as having it mounted under the kitchen surface, or drop into the kitchen surface.

Stainless steel is one of the most common sinks.  It is resistant to harsh chemicals and impact.  Although it can scratch, you probably won’t care as it still stays very shiny.  They are also very good value for money.  We recommend such sinks if you are on a budget.

If you are willing to spend a bit more money, then you could go for a composite granite sink.  Basically these sinks are predominately made of granite, but mixed with resin.  This makes then reasonably light weight, durable and scratch resistance.  They also look excellent due to their granite appearance.  Please be aware that there are many types of composite sink around, and not all are made of granite and resin.  Granite versions or the best, because granite is one of the hardest stones around, and therefore very durable.

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