Tips You Can Use When Doing Bathroom Renovation

Remodelling your bathroom is a very exciting and important task for your home. The model of your bathroom might be outdated or might even ware out.

You might also just feel you want to put some extra decorations in your bathroom. For these reasons, you may decide to remodel. Once you have reached this decision, you need to plan on how to go about it.

You should also be very keen on it because it is a significant investment you are undertaking. Before starting your renovations, there are several things you need to consider to find an affordable bathroom renovation builder in Adelaide

Below are some aspects to consider;

  1. Budget considerations

Under this category you need to consider;

  • Evaluation of your finances

It is possible to conduct a research on the average cost of this task. Although you should keep in mind that it is ought to be different in other areas.

The cost will depend on the size of your space, quality of materials to be used and the quality of the project. It is advisable that you set realistic expectations to avoid overspending or any disappointment.

You need to have a close look at what you can afford. After this consult various qualified contractors to get an estimated budget.

  • Consider the essentials

The renovation price will vary depending on the things you want to replace. It also depends on the new accessories you want to include.

If you are working on a low budget, it is advisable that you cut out the extra remodelling plan.

The little accessories are nice to decorate your space but they are not important for the functionality of your room.

  • Options of payment

There are several methods you can use to settle the cost incurred during the renovation.

You can choose a home equity-loan which is advantageous because it is tax deductible.

There are other options like personal loans, retirement plans benefit, refinancing, no-equity loans. You can even use your personal savings if you have enough to cater for this project.

  1. Design considerations

This is the appearance of the bathroom. You should consider the following;

  • Lighting

You are advised to choose a colour corrected fluorescent, halogen or LED if you want a natural white lighting. This is because it will make make-up application and grooming easier. You should also lay your lighting with accent, ambient, decorative and task lighting. This will help to remove any shadows and dress up your room well.

  • Slip resistant floor

A bathroom is a wet room. Therefore, when deciding on the floor to pick, it is advisable that you choose a resistant material.

This will avoid the incidence of you falling while taking a shower. You should put up a wide grout line and small tiles which causes friction making it difficult for you to slide.

In case you live in colder areas, you can install floors that are heated electrically. They make your room relaxing and warm.

  • Cabinetry

Storages places are important to keep your valuable spaces clean and clear.

Toy should buy high quality cabinetry which will not be affected by the moist and humid in the bathroom.

You should also hire quality craftsmanship to put up cabinets that will serve you for a very long period of time.

  • Tile verses paint

For you to decide on what to cover your wall (either tiles or paints), you have to look at your budget and work with what you can afford.

If you want to save your money, you can decide to use tile on specific places like shower walls. If you have some money to use you can decide to use paint of high quality.

Choose a paint that will retain moisture and prevent mildew and mould from growing. See this link for more bathroom design ideas







  1. Contractor consideration

This is basically the qualification of a contractor. Under this you need to consider;

  • Insurance coverage

It is advisable that you request for proof of insurance policy from any contractor you want to hire for your project.


Contractors should have property damage policy, compensation for workers and personal liability. Interview several of them and request a written proposal, a date when to start and finish and also an estimation of the total budget.


You should ensure that every aspect of your project is covered by their policy. It is not your burden to pay for damaged, broken or even materials which are not properly installed.

  • Enquire for references

Before calling in people to undertake the project, you are advised to collect references from homeowners or friends who had previously had this project.


Use genuine reviews and unbiased feedbacks from those who have worked with any contractor. You can also request for pictures of their previously completed work.


It is also good to go ahead and look at the percentage of work they do especially on bathroom renovations.


  • Licensed professional

You should hire a licensed professional. You can consult your building department from your local municipality to discover the requirements of license in your area.


This is because the requirements vary in each state or town. Ask for the contractor’s license and make sure it is valid. Click here to see more remodeling tips.


Upgrading your washrooms not only adds beauty value but also boosts the total value of your house. While undertaking this project, it is possible to stay on budget and time and still make the place look more beautiful. It is my hope that the information I have provided above will motivate and inspire you towards the remodelling of your bathroom

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