Tips to Make an Outdated House Look Brand New

Considering the present state of the real estate market it is no wonder that homeowners cannot afford to buy a new house/apartments. Even redecorating your outdated house can prove too much of a financial strain. However, there are several tips that will help you save on labor, money, and time needed to give your old house a fresh look. After you’re done renovating and sprucing up, your pieces of real estate will look brand new to the point that you will no longer want to sell it. (That might not be entirely true because such a well-furbished house will bring in a whopping sum you’ll find hard to turn down).

The importance of carpets

The refurbishment of your house’s interior is mostly going to have to do with the walls, the ceiling, and the floor. The latter is perhaps the most important segment because leaving bare floors is not an option. Unless you place a mat or a small rug, wall-to-wall carpets are the best option.  Not only will they improve the decor of every room they are placed in but they are effective insulation which can come quite in handy during those cold winter spells. On the fun side, you get to play with the patterns and the colors the carpet will arrive in.

The little, powerful things

In terms of details, the most likely subject to sprucing up are outlets and light switches in all rooms. They are something that homeowners rarely replace or update. In fact, only when a light switch gets broken, do people consider replacing it. A trip to the hardware store will open your eyes in terms of design, as thee are power outlets and switches of various design. You can get the somber ones for the kitchen and the bathroom, while those with flower or sun motifs can go into the nursery.

Speaking of the kitchen, knobs have probably lost their glow and shimmer a long time ago. If they are made from metal, then oxidation took its natural course. However, this patina can be removed if you scrub hard enough and use the right chemicals. Once you are done polishing all the knobs and handles, they will introduce a new ray light into the kitchen and revamp the cabinets, regardless of how vintage designed they are.

Repainting the house

After you deal with the carpets, it is time to tend to the walls. Remove any wallpapers that still might be left and repaint the walls like you would if you purchased a brand new home. In terms of the color palette, general advice is to go for a bi-colored scheme that will ensure you get the most of the interior décor. You also might want to make the colors more vivid, so choose bright shades, like blue, yellow or green. Finally, ensure that all the hard work you put into painting and decorating doesn’t get annulled after just a couple of months. A few wall-mounted door stops will add that posh effect to every room. Back in the days, door stops were only mounted on the floor.

Increasing curb appeal

Once you are done redecorating the house from the inside, it is time to increase its curb appeal. Remember, when someone is pulling up the driveway (perhaps a prospective buyer), the first thing they notice is the front lawn and the façade of the building. You needn’t paint the entire house or make large-scale repairs, as details will do the trick.

Replacing and repainting the front door is virtually a must. Secondly, you can replace the doorbell and the house number if you deem their design as outdated. A new trend in house numbers is background LED light, so you can give this décor solution a go if you like. Finally, a new mailbox painted red, blue, and white will indicate that a hip family lives in that house.

Pillow up

In case you are wondering what you can change in the living room without overspending, our advice is to take another look of the sofa. If you think its design is outdated, don’t rush into purchasing a new, modern one. If you buy just the right pillows and cushion, you might be able to update its look for next to nothing. There are many online websites that offer the possibility to custom design cushions that will then get shipped to your home address. Use this feature to revamp the living room sofa and modernize the décor of the entire room.

Replace outdated light fixtures

No matter how hard you try to refurbish the house, the onset of darkness can ruin it all for you once everyone looks up and sees an age-old chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Even worse are those 80s and 90s light fixtures that are plain ugly. You need to enter the 21st century by installing LED lights in every room. Keep in mind that there are LED strips available for a bargain price so make use of them in the bathroom to light up the vanity mirror, for example.

Let these 6 tips serve as inspiration for the redecoration of your outdated house. Once you develop a keen eye for kitsch items, you will start replacing more and more fixture, while keeping the expenses fairly low.

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