Tips on How to Create an Environmentally Friendly Oasis in Your Garden

Having an exotic back yard full of greenery and various accessories sounds very appealing. However, in this day and age concern for the environment is a must. This doesn’t mean that you can’t create a relaxing and welcoming oasis to enjoy just outside your door, quite the contrary; a well-put-together garden can help reduce your ecological footprint. Let’s not forget how rewarding having a green space of your own can be.

1. Buying Local

Apart from supporting local business, buying plants that naturally grow in your area can have multiple benefits. Native flora will not disturb the balance of local wildlife and it will attract pollinators which can make the surrounding area, as well as your own yard, thrive. This will also cut down on the water bill since native plants are adapted to your climate and soil so you won’t need to water them excessively.

Besides, if the purchased plant has to make a long journey to your home, it will certainly burn some fossil fuel in the transportation process. Think twice before you pick the most exotic flower that you saw on the internet for your garden!

2. Composting

Compost is crucial if you want a lush, blossoming yard, but it can be costly. Not only will producing your own compost reduce expenses, but it is also an excellent way to recycle your organic leftovers. What you need to set up your own composting system is mostly a compost cistern and remains of veggies and fruits, but you should also add some paper, old and torn cloths, and eggshells. No more feeling guilty over wasted food!

3. Fix Your Pool

Pools are hardly a thing of luxury now. If you live in a house, chances are you either have a pool already or are considering getting one. You may have dropped the idea of thinking that a pool would be a huge waste of water, but it doesn’t have to put a strain on your wallet or the climate.

Just make sure that you purchase a cover so the wildlife doesn’t fall in and water doesn’t evaporate.

You should also check if there are any cracks in the walls or the floor of the pool which would cause leakage. Leaks can have numerous consequences from simple waste of water to ground erosion. Do not forget to coat the inside of the pool with protective pool paint before you fill it up.

4. Decoration

Being eco-conscious doesn’t mean you have to give up on decorating. Setting up some outdoor area accessories is probably the most fun you’ll have when taking care of your yard. Add LED lights which use less energy than regular bulbs to brighten up the place at night and ward off intruders.

As for chairs and tables, there are numerous ways in which you could freshen up the space without polluting. Be aware of the kinds of materials you’re using and try to “upcycle” your old patio furniture.

5. It’s Eco-Friendly Christmas time

Sparkling lights inside almost every room is a must have every Christmas, as well as around your home and in the garden – of course you want to surprise all your guests and neighbours, too with magical atmosphere. You can easily achieve that by perfect lighting.

However there is something you must know: your electric bill and environmental impact can go way too high if you don’t switch to LED lights. They use 80% less power than regular Christmas lights. Regarding the exterior, there are wonderful outdoor area accessories you can use for decorating your outdoors and in the same time you will reduce your electric bill at the end of the month. Switching to solar-powered lights outdoors that come with a timer will also make a big difference. Small changes do wonders.

6. Rain Harvesting

There are other harvesting elements you can install in your backyard other than the compost cistern. The rainwater runoff “network” from rooftops and gutters can pour directly into an above-ground barrel.

You can then use that water for irrigation. This is perhaps the most sensible solution when it comes to conserving resources. Not only do you save money, but you also utilize a natural resource that is widely available.


We should all try to play our part in protecting and saving nature for future generations. You won’t always be able to create a 100% sustainable space, but there’s no need to beat yourself up over it. Implementing some of these tips is a sure way to contribute to a better, greener future for this planet and all its residents. Last but not least, you also get your very own private oasis to enjoy with family and friends or just by yourself, reading a good book with trees and plants to keep you company.

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