Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Terrace That Will Last

The terrace has many uses : It can be used to beautify your outdoor space. You can enjoy the sun during the summer or simply host a family barbeque. The design phase is very important because it defines the strength and life span of the terrace over time. Here are some tips and tricks for a solid installation.

Choosing the Right Materials

Selecting the materials for the construction of the terrace is the paramount step. Indeed, it is the quality of the materials used that will guarantee the durability of your terrace. Besides its aesthetic look, processed wood should be one of your primary choices as it is both moisture and cold resistant. Opt for wood species with a low level of humidity that is a maximum of 18%. Resistant to mold, popular for its lightness and requiring very little maintenance, cedar is an excellent choice for bringing a warm atmosphere to your terrace. In the end, you should choose the material that best matches the type of terrace you plan to build.

A Solid Foundation for Enhanced Durability

A strong foundation will allow you to increase the life span of your terrace. Concrete pillars are commonly used in Canada as they offer a good stability. Pillars without footings are simpler to install but they are less stable and robust than those with footings. Even though concrete support blocks require no excavation, they are not the best option if your soil is rocky or is primarily made of clay. In actual fact, concrete support blocks are recommended for sandy soils.

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