Things to Consider When Installing A Pool To Your Home

A home with a pool is a dream come true. The cost of constructing a pool could be a bit higher than you might think, but installing a pool could actually be very beneficial to the overall value of your home when selling it later.

Selling Points

When you live in warm climates like Arizona or Florida, a pool might be expected when people are looking to buy a home. Additionally, if you reside in a high-end neighborhood and most of your neighbors have pools, lacking a pool in your home could make it harder to sell. Furthermore, if you have a large backyard to accommodate a pool and still have some space left for gardening or playing, a pool might be the best landscape option. However, you still have to take into account the style, condition, and age of the pool.

When selling a home with a pool, be sure to attract the right buyers. Parents with young children may not be the right customers, as they might fear for the safety of their children. Couples with older children or couples who are childless may be the best potential buyers.

As the homeowner, you are the primary determinant of the true return on your investment. Pools will add great value to your life and increase the quality of enjoyment of your home, which is something you cannot put a price tag on.

Construction and Installation

Building a pool can be costly. When you live in the US, the average cost of installing and filling a 600-sq concrete pool starts at around $30,000. Then there is also a safety fence, as most states require them. You may also choose to include lighting, waterfalls, landscaping and maybe a spa, which will all add additional costs. The cost entirely depends on the type of the pool that you want to construct, and where you are building it. You can research “pool builders near me” for various sources online to help you with the whole process.

The most popular in-ground construction material used by many is gunite. It is a mixture of sand and cement, which can be poured into any shape. It has replaced the concrete pool. Fiberglass shells and vinyl might be a little bit cheaper but the liners have to be replaced after about 20 years. The replacement means draining the pool, then completing a process called coping.

Filtration and Heating costs

You need to get the most efficient pump because a filtration pump is the biggest energy hog. The new variable speed pumps consume up to 80% less energy as compared to the old ones, which will help reduce the operating expenses. You can also cut the energy cost by setting the pump to run only at non-peak times. Consider using gas heaters if you want to heat your pool because they are cheaper to purchase and install. You can cover the pool with a solar blanket to help trap in heat and reduce evaporation rates.

Upkeep Cost

The water in the pool ought to be balanced for proper alkalinity, calcium and pH levels. You also need to sanitize the water to control germs and bacteria. You can buy a robotic cleaning system to save you from vacuuming weekly. You can budget this with about $600 for annual maintenance.

You can seek advice from a real estate agent on how much potential profit will come from a home pool to help guide you in your decision of installing a pool. Remember to do plenty of research, and even asking friends who have pools could provide great insights in making this decision.


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