The trendy materials for your kitchen cabinets

The trendy materials for your kitchen cabinets

The design of a modern kitchen starts by the choice of materials from solid to aesthetic. The range of available colours of kitchen cabinets is quite varied, but what about their quality? Wooden kitchen cabinets are back in a wide range of wood species and their cost will definitely surprise you.

White oak kitchen cabinets

Most Canadians dream of replacing their old kitchen cabinets with white oak furniture to inject more style to their kitchen. White oak kitchen cabinets are distinguished by their stylish appearance and superb finish if realised by professional woodworkers. That said, this kind of wood is worth a small fortune, estimated between 6600 and 33 000 Canadian dollars depending on the size and colour you opt for. You can also request that the grain of the white oak be treated either vertically or horizontally according to your preferences.

Exotic wood kitchen cabinets

Exotic wood species include teak, wenge or amazakoue. Choosing a kitchen cabinet made from one of these materials involves major expenditures because of their robustness and durability. A clear coating is enough to highlight the beauty of the exotic wood. A complete redesign of your kitchen with a set of exotic wood cabinets can cost up to 46,000 Canadian dollars. You can always try to build your exotic wood cabinet yourself. However, seeking professional help will certainly avoid blunders.

Pine cabinets

Ranging from 2600 to 3900 Canadian dollars, pine cabinets are the least expensive on the market due to its softness. That said, they are nonetheless still very respetable and can last longer with a good coating. Their style depends largely on the finishing coat, but will always give a complete makeover to your kitchen.

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