The Perfect End of Summer Upgrades to Make in Your Home

With the nice weather that comes along with summer, there also comes a desire to make improvements around your house. Home is the place where we seek comfort and serenity. It is also a place that is a direct, outward reflection of our lives and personality. As we evolve as people, our homes should reflect that evolution. Due to the temperature and high motivation that comes along with it, the end of summer makes for the perfect time to start home upgrades to let your personality show in your space.


Improve your Yard :

Whether your home’s exterior features are looking subpar or you’re in need of an upgraded place to spend time outside, the end of summer makes for the perfect time to start these outdoor projects. Improving your landscaping, for example, can add a whole other level onto the look of your home. Start replacing any flowers to ones that you can incorporate into the change in seasons. Oranges, yellows and reds are great color choices to slowly transition your yard.

This is also a great opportunity to transform your backyard and enjoy the last bit of summer weather. Find an outdoor fire pit that meets your needs, and use it as the focal point to design your yard around. Once you have a central component, you will have a better idea of what else you’ll need to make it a fun and enjoyable space.


Add color :

Bring the bright and bold colors of summer into your home for a mood boosting refresh. While neutrals have their place, and make a room transitional, pops of color have the ability to instantly brighten a space and make you feel happy. This can be as simple as adding decorative pillows, throws or other decor items in bold colors.

Or, you can take things a step further and paint an accent wall the color of your choosing to really make a colorful statement. Either way, you’re introducing something that makes you happy and lightens your space to give you a feeling of summer all year round.


Finish your Basement :

Your basement makes for the perfect place to hang out in warm temperatures. Because of the fact that it’s underground, basements are naturally cooler than the upstairs parts of your house. If you’re not already making the most of that space, or it’s in need of a refresh, now is the time for a basement remodel.

Whether you make it into a family fun room, your own personal sanctuary or even a space for guests, there are so many ways to transform your basement into a great place to spend time. Plus with the naturally cooler atmosphere, you’ll be spending less money keeping your space comfortable.


Prioritize sleep :

Getting a good night’s sleep is important all year long, the end of summer just makes for a great time to give yourself the tools to do so. No one likes to be too warm while in bed. Thankfully there are ways to keep yourself cool! Purchasing a new mattress is a great way to not only regulate your temperature, but also sleep better. From there, you can also purchase pillows and sheets with cooling technology.

This is also a great time of year to find the perfect fan for your bedside. With a wide variety available, you have so many possibilities. If your A.C. isn’t helping to keep you cool enough, a fan might just be the addition you need. There can be comfort in feeling the cool breeze directed to you while you sleep.


Update HVAC :

Summer and your reliance on air conditioning has put a lot of pressure onto your HVAC unit. The end of the season is thus the perfect time to make some updates before you’re relying on it for heat in just a few more months.

Replace your filters to keep your air as clean as possible. If your unit isn’t running properly, isn’t putting out enough air or the air has an odd smell, check in with a professional to make the necessary repairs.


As we power through the dog days of summer and the heat intensifies, use these tips to make the necessary improvements around your house to keep you cool and comfortable for the remainder of the season.


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