The cost and the advantages of installing heated floor system in the bathroom

An ideal source of heat for the bathroom, headed floors exists in a wide variety of efficient and powerful models. Whether you opt for an electric or hydronic floor heating, this type of heating system represents a significant investment. Therefore, it is of capital importance to properly assess the cost and the advantages of this installation before making a decision.

The hydronic radiant floors

This type of system, also commonly called liquid heated flooring, is perfectly capable of replacing a heater. Consuming little power, it diffuses a gentle, homogenous and constant heat. You will no longer have to adjust the temperature according to the seasons when opting for this system, which also enables you to enjoy an optimal thermal comfort. Fuel, gas or electricity, this heat transmitter adapts to all kinds of sources of energy and can be connected to several circuits to suit your needs. That said, the cost of installation of this type of heated floor is rather high. In addition to the expenditure incurred by casting concrete slabs, its implementation costs between 500 and 650 Canadian dollars for an average surface of 100 square feet.

The electric radiant floors

Powered by electricity, this heating system provides maximum comfort. While heat is homogenously diffused in every corner of the bathroom, this type of radiant floor heating system emits neither odour nor noise. Its installation costs much less than the hydronic underfloor heating system, that is between 350 and 450 dollars for 100 square feet. However, your energy consumption will gradually rise with this type of system.

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