The best time to buy a swimming pool

Who doesn’t enjoy sitting by a pool on hot summer day? Requiring specific

maintenance and adequate space in your garden, a swimming pool is a

considerable investment. Before you start, choose the right time to buy a pool.

From September to November


Even if winter lasts longer in some areas, this does not prevent you from

planning ahead for the installation of your pool for those hot summer days.

Before choosing the pool of your dreams, you should distinguish between the two

types of existing pools on the market: in-ground and aboveground pools. Autumn

is the best season to install an in-ground pool as it promotes the continuity and

the completion of the work so as to allow you to enjoy your brand new pool at the

beginning of the following summer.


From March to May

Generally, spring in Canada, the months of February and March are ideal for the

installation of aboveground pools. This season is also ideal to install a polyester

pool in your garden that you will be able to enjoy until the end of the summer. Opt

for a pool with an integrated water heater system if you wish to extend your dip

until autumn. If you have the appropriate space, you can always install your

aboveground pool indoors.


In August

If you did not have time to choose or if you remain undecided, purchase your

pool in August. During this period, installers are less overwhelmed than in the

summer and the installation of either an in-ground or an aboveground pool will be

much more favourable. Moreover, prices tend to be lower at this time of year.

Once your pool is installed, you will have ample time to redesign your garden.

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