The Basics of Crafting a Stylish Home

Of all the places on earth, our sweet home is the most relaxing place. This is the only place where we feel the liberty to do whatever we want. We love everything about our home, its design, size or location. Similarly, a more stylish home looks more appealing and provides better living standards and comfort. For crafting a stylish home, there’s nothing more important than paying attention to minor details. Whether you are living in an apartment, bungalow or a double storey house, the art of crafting a stylish home may vary. In this article, I will share the most basic art of crafting a stylish home.

If you are open to mastering some basic principles of decorating and home crafting, you are sure to enjoy a home that is both stylish and comfortable. The effects of global warming are too obvious to ignore. Therefore, styling a home that is eco-friendly is mandatory in today’s world. The connector backshell to this discussion is the basic idea which will provide you with an outlook of the modern day decorating.

1. Using color for decoration

If you are reserved about your color choices in your comfort zone, then hallway and corridors are the best places to experiment with. You can use beautiful colors like purple or pink with a light hue and medium saturation. These colors will provide your home with an amazing essence and boost your passion and energy. Similarly, you can place artworks like drawings by D. Hicks. You can also group antiques by color. In this case, you can use the same colors that are present on the walls of the rooms and corridors to group your antique collection.

2. Experiments with patterns

You can layer your styles in a range of patterns. These patterns provide an aesthetic sense to bedrooms. You can also add visual interest to a room by adding multiple pattern styles like giving black and white colors to the pillow and greenish black to bedding. Similarly, you can scale up your styles by adding similar patterns to doors, furniture and room textures. Wooden pattern and design can also be added hallways. You don’t need to go bright in order to create visual impact. All you need is a basic understanding of how textures and colors provide your house with a better look.

3. Display collectables

Most of the designers use this method to showcase the interest of their clients. If you have interest in collecting coins, pebbles or similar things, then you can easily showcase your hobbies by placing those items on the table or displaying them on a wall. For example, if a person loves antiques like old swords and daggers, he can easily show his interest in these stuff by displaying these items on the wall so that everyone who visits house can observe it.

4. Designing in small places

Graphic prints can have a great impact in small places like laundry rooms, powder rooms and under stairs. These places are usually neglected because of small sizes. Applying the design to these places improves the overall outlook. You can also place graphic prints like floral wallpapers, wooden prints in the stores and on the roof ceilings.

5. Mix the old and new

We all know these famous lines, “old is gold”. You can mix things up with old and new. For example, you can place old style carpets and wooden antiques with new modern style curtains and furniture. Similarly, placing old drawings is also a good option.

6. Using the natural character

Instead of fighting against rusticity, embracing the natural character can provide richness in the space. For example, you can design your bathroom by adding red limestone on the wall, brass on the sink and an antique mirror.

7. Maintaining the balance

Adding different styles is easy but maintaining them is difficult. Look at your house in a holistic manner, see how each room works in balance with others. This approach can help you to craft a better style.

8. Going with eco-friendly approach

We all try to make our homes modern and unique but we skip one important step i.e. making them eco-friendly. This step is the easiest among all and it generally requires fewer resources. You can make your home eco-friendly by placing some plants in corridors or hallway, using LED lights and by conserving water. Indoor plants are more than just decorations. They help to improve air quality. Similarly, using LED light save electricity and also produce less heat in comparison with incandescent lights. As far as water conservation is concerned, people often think that sustainability only refers to saving in energy consumption, therefore, water conservation is neglected. You can use automatic sinks and showers in your home that save every drop of water.

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