Tell-tale Signs You Need A Kitchen Upgrade

For many families, the kitchen is the beating heart of their home. It’s where everybody’s usually gathered, whether to share a meal or chat and catch up with each other. Thus, the state of your kitchen can affect the rhythm of your entire household. So, if you find yourself grimacing every time you walk into your kitchen, perhaps it’s time to think about updating it to improve its value and usefulness.

Your kitchen remodeling project doesn’t have to happen overnight or get completed in a flash. It can be a gradual process, depending on what your budget permits. While getting things done all at once will save you plenty of time and money, every little upgrade helps. Even minor cosmetic changes can have a significant impact on the overall look of the space and make it feel more comfortable.

How do you know if your kitchen is due for a remodel? These signs will tell you it’s time for a kitchen upgrade!

1. You hardly remember the last time you bought new kitchen appliances.

Has the loud humming of your refrigerator already become a regular part of your home? Or is your giant of microwave taking too much of your counter space? Your appliances-from-the-90’s might still be working, but these pieces aren’t just old; they’re also inefficient and use up a lot of energy.

If your appliances are outdated, think about getting newer ones. Modern appliances are energy efficient. Also, their sleek and attractive design add value to your home. Yes, they don’t come cheap, but they’re a smart long term investment, especially in controlling your energy bills.

2. You see a lot of wear and tear.

As the most frequently used part of the home, the kitchen is expected to sustain damage and eventual wear. One day, you’ll have to make repairs. If you see mold, water damage, wall stains, or peeling countertops and the damages are already too hard to ignore, then that day has come.

Everybody knows that mold is a major turnoff, and so is water damage. The sooner they are remediated, the safer and more attractive your kitchen will be.

3. You feel like there’s always not enough space.

Have you noticed how your family used to hang around the kitchen often before, but not anymore? Maybe it’s because your kitchen has become too cramped and constricting for your growing household. If this is the case with you, consider freeing up some kitchen space to make it more ideal for hanging around and social interactions.

Many families prefer an open kitchen layout with appliances and utensils strategically tucked away somewhere the kitchen space. Littered countertops are unappealing and make the whole area feel smaller than it is. A clean and airy kitchen, on the other hand, improves accessibility and makes the place more conducive for conversations.

4. Your kitchen is a cleaning nightmare.

Nobody expects a kitchen to sparkle all the time, but if your kitchen still looks dirty after you’ve spent hours scrubbing and buffing everything, then that’s another story. Old kitchens can be so frustrating to keep clean – tile gouts that seem to magnet stain, cracked caulking, rusting appliances, drawers and cabinets that have seen better days. If you’re getting sick of cleaning your kitchen to no avail, you know it’s time to renovate.

5. You avoid hosting dinners and having guests over.

Perhaps, the final and most telling sign that your kitchen needs a makeover is when you don’t want other people to see or be around it. You used to love hosting dinner parties but now avoid them like the plague because your kitchen isn’t only small, it’s also not a pretty sight. It doesn’t matter how good the rest of your place looks; if you’re not particularly fond of your kitchen, you won’t be too enthusiastic about having guests over.

When is the best time to remodel your kitchen?

You can start remodeling your kitchen whenever you want as long as you have the budget and a clear vision of what you want to achieve with the space. If you’re looking to save more money, try not to schedule the project during peak seasons when contractors have plenty of work lined up and are likely to charge more for their services. Most important of all, only work with a licensed and experienced company. It’s the best way to ensure you get your money’s worth.

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