Summer Lovin’: The Best Home Remodeling Projects To Do Before Summer Comes

A classic summer is filled with family picnics, friends gathering around a bonfire, and hot afternoons spent in the pool or blissful air conditioning. Before all that fun starts, you want to be sure that your home is equipped with the necessary renovations and improvements to accommodate your personal needs as well as the guests who will be visiting.

Now that the warmer temperatures of spring are finally here, there’s no better time to start your summer preparation than right now. Let’s take a look at the best home renovation projects you can invest in this spring to prepare your home for the best summer yet.

Add an enclosed porch or sunroom

Is there a more appropriate summer home addition than a screened-in porch? Whether you call it a Florida room, enclosed porch, three or four season living room, or sunroom, these extensions can make a significant difference in your summer enjoyment.

With walls made of windows and/or screens, an enclosed porch gives you all of the sunlight that you want while keeping the pesky insects out and the cool air in. They also give you a prime spot to keep an eye on the kids in the backyard without having to sit out in the direct sunlight. Just be sure to install energy efficient windows and plenty of insulation. Not only will these measures help maintain a comfortable temperature in your add-on, but good insulation throughout your entire home can result in a 40% reduction in heating and cooling costs.

Spruce up the kitchen cabinets

While a whole kitchen renovation may not be in your budget this year, you can drastically improve the look of this space by focusing on just one element: the cabinets. Whether you realize it or not, one of the first things that draws the eye when you walk into a kitchen is the cabinets. This spring, take a hard look at your own and determine how you can give them a little TLC.

If you’re dedicated to changing up the cabinets, start working with a contractor to rip out the old ones and install a new set with the material or finish that you prefer. You can also change the look of them by applying a fresh coat of paint. Popular choices of cabinet paint colors are a classic white, understated gray, or a bold blue or green. Even something as simple as changing out the knobs and pulls on your cabinet doors can give them a noticeable facelift.

Update the roof and siding

You may be coming out of your winter hibernation feeling well-rested and rejuvenated, but your home’s exterior just spent months bearing the brunt of Mother Nature’s icy elements and likely need a little care. Snow tends to take a toll on your home’s roof. You may want to call a professional roofer to inspect it for any sign of the shingles curling and peeling. If moisture seeps through cracks in the roof, you’ll be facing even more expenses to repair interior water damage. Even if your roof is in acceptable conditioning, now is the time to install a new roof that will be able to stand up to next year’s equally harsh weather.

While your roof is getting a professional look-over, you should have the experts check out your siding as well. Damage to your home’s siding impairs the safety of your home as well as its appearance. If your siding has suffered some damage, you may want to consider replacing all of it. This will give you the chance to update the look of your home and ensure that the material of your siding is energy efficient.

If you’re considering any kind of home renovation this spring, don’t wait to start it any longer. Spring is a very busy time for contractors and their calendars book up quickly. Get going on your home remodeling project and you can see the difference even the smallest of changes will have on your life.


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