Steps to Building Your Ideal Home from the Ground Up

Deciding to build your home yourself can be a very intimate experience. Moving into a house built by somebody else is all well and good, but building your own home, now that is special. When you are building your own home you are given certain creative license you may not ordinarily have on a construction project, and you are able to put your own personal touches on the building.

This page will seek to tell you what steps to build your ideal home from the ground up. With wages higher than they have ever been, more people’s dream of building their own home is becoming a reality. Why not take a chance?

Prepare the Land

Before getting started on a construction project, you must obtain planning permission from your local city council, and ensure that the land meets your specifications. It perhaps need not be said that you must also own the land on which you are planning on building. You can buy packets of land inexpensively, providing you buy in the country. Inner-city land can cost quite a lot of money. Contact your city council and request a building permit first, otherwise, you may be fined.


You must next, when approved, work out your measurements, which you will then again have to run past your city council for approval. Your measurements should consist of the size of the house you are building and your backyard. If you, for example, are considering building decking in the garden to meet the house, you must know the exact measurements for this. An independent home improvement contractor will be able to take these for you. Once you have your measurements and they have been approved, you are ready to get started.

Buy the Material

As it is your project, the burden of purchasing material will fall on your shoulders. You will be solely responsible for the material, and the construction team you hire will not be able to work until you have it all. Building materials can be very expensive, and it is important you buy the most robust and best quality material you can. As you will likely be living in the home you are overseeing the construction of, it is vital that your material is not cheap. It is not safe to build a house from cheap and poor-quality material, so do not skimp and undercut costs, jeopardizing your safety in the process.

Hire a Team

The last step of the project is to hire a construction team to do the work for you. Renovations you can likely do yourself, but a construction job of this magnitude is best left to the professionals. You can expect to pay upward of at least a hundred thousand dollars to have a medium-sized home built by a team of construction workers. The project could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Providing everything goes well, you will soon be moving into your new home, designed and sculpted entirely by you.


Now you know the steps that go into building and designing your own home. It can be a very rewarding, albeit expensive, experience, and many homeowners-turned designers recommend.

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