Spring Renovation Ideas to Give Your House a Fresh Look

Spring always brings a breath of fresh air. After an entire season or more spent indoors, it’s exciting to open the windows and start getting into that spring cleaning fever. While it’s easy to bury yourself in a laundry list of ambitious home renovation projects, sometimes the littlest improvements are the ones that can make the biggest differences.

So, before you put in an entirely new kitchen or start tearing out all of your flooring, consider a few of these options to help give your house a fresh look without breaking the bank in the process.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Never underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint. If you’re looking to spruce up a room, painting it with white or light, muted tones can do wonders. Not only will it help those dingy old walls feel fresh again, it will actively work to make your spaces feel lighter and larger. Don’t forget the ceilings, either. A fresh coat on the ceiling can bring a uniquely sharp, cleanliness to any room.

If you’re dealing with wallpaper, don’t let that automatically disqualify the painting option, either. It’s easy to diagnose the age and kind of paper you’re dealing with in order to see how difficult it will be to remove it.

Renewing the Living Spaces

As you look around your cooped up, winter-worn home, you might feel the need to grit your teeth, pull out your checkbook, and commit to shelling out a boatload of cash to refresh your living spaces with new floors, doors, fixtures, and furniture. But sometimes the solution is a lot easier, and cheaper, than you think.

As you go through each room, look for opportunities to add or replace rugs on the floor. Consider hanging or replacing mirrors on the walls to provide a more spacious feel to each area. It can also be beneficial to think about rearranging furniture to change the flow and feel of each room. Another easy fix is to hide your television. Whether you like it or not, a TV dominates a room, becoming the focal point of the whole scene. Taking steps to hide your television can be an easy way to quickly and easily improve a space.


Sometimes less is more. In an era where the KonMari Method has become enormously popular, it should come as no surprise that minimizing your possessions can be an easy way to make a space feel fresh and trendy. This doesn’t mean you need to recklessly throw everything away. Simply go through your home and make sure that everything you have is serving a purpose in either the decor or functionality of the room it inhabits.

Deep Clean the Exterior

While spring cleaning the interior of your house is a great start to a fresh look, sometimes you want to get a little bit deeper — on the outside. One area that often gets overlooked is the roof. Taking the time to clear your roof of unsightly things like algae, lichen, and moss can be a great way to prolong its life. It also tends to have the side effect of increasing your home’s curb appeal and sprucing up the overall appearance of the exterior of your house.

In addition, consider buying or renting a pressure washer and some multi-use soap in order to give your vinyl siding a good once over.

Out with the Old

While positive improvements are always nice, sometimes spring provides the perfect opportunity to get rid of old and dangerous things as well. If you have an old barn, shed, or even a tree or two that were weakened over the course of the winter, spring is the perfect time to remove it (hire a professional if the job is dangerous!) in order to prevent any tragedies or injuries from occurring in the future.

A Kitchen Refresher

The kitchen is often the heart and soul of a home, which is why giving the center of your culinary pursuits a fresh new look can be a great way to usher in the warmer weather. One cost-efficient way to do this is to give your cabinets a fresh coat of trendy paint. Another slightly more intensive option is to get a countertop refinishing kit in order to cover up all of the dings and scratches and breathe new life to your countertops.


Finally, there’s the yard. Landscaping is a tricky business. At times it can cost little more than some elbow grease to get your yard looking good again, while other projects can cost thousands of dollars. A few suggestions for affordable ways to return your yard to its previous glory include:

  • Add fence or rock borders where applicable.
  • Add (or remove) gardens.
  • Update fixtures that may have taken too much of a beating over the winter.

Creating an Affordable, Fresh Look

It’s easy to drop a lot of cash on spring renovations. But the truth is, you don’t need to spend much to infuse your home with a bright, clean, energetic new look. From landscaping to new rugs, painting to cleaning the roof and siding, minimizing to sprucing up the kitchen, there are countless different ways to ensure that your house is ready for the warm months ahead.

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