Smart Reno and BidSettle partner to offer legal solutions

Smart Reno partners with BidSettle to offer legal solutions to its network of clients. BidSettle is an innovative service that brings legal solutions to the market in a simple and cost effective way, directly online. Many clients only need to talk to a lawyer for several minutes to get guidance on their situation or have access to generic documents, without having to deal with the complexity and costs related to traditional law firms. The BidSettle service is conducted online or via phone, at a fraction of the price of traditional legal services. Clients can get a demand letter for $50, or conduct online negotiation for a small fee, or even talk to a lawyer for guidance, all directly from the BidSettle online platform.

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SmartReno is the leading service in Canada connecting homeowners to trusted contractors for their renovation projects.

Over 50,000 projects worth approximately $250M are submitted through the SmartReno network, that includes more than 5,000 pre-screened contractors.