Simple Bedroom Renovation Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

With all that’s going on in 2020, the last thing you need is terrible sleep and a restless partner. If you are facing such problems, you may need to renovate your bedroom to improve your life. However, at the same time, you need to do it in a manner that’s not too strenuous on your pockets. 

So, before you jump ahead with various bedroom renovation ideas, you need to understand why sleep and bedroom comfort are essential for all of us. Not only does a great bedroom help us function normally in our lives, but it also reduces our stress.

So, here are some bedroom renovation ideas that won’t break the bank:


Choose a Comfortable Mattress Type

Let’s start with the essential bit, your mattresses. You need a bed that helps you sleep smarter so that you can wake up fresh.

While choosing a mattress, here’s what you need to do first. Identify yourself as a sleeper. What do you prefer? Are you a heavy sleeper or an active sleeper? Which side do you sleep on, back, side, or stomach? These questions are essential for your mattress choice. Decide the kind of mattress you want, explore different mattress types on, and then make a choice. 

Before you do, make sure to decide between foam and spring, the two most popular mattress types out there.



  • Memory Foam

For instance, if you want support and pressure point relief, go for memory foam. Similarly, if you have sensitive breathing and you need to sleep in a hot environment, go for Gel memory foam.



  • Inner Spring

The typical innerspring mattresses come with coils. These mattresses are durable and relatively cheap compared to foam mattresses, but the level of comfort differs too.

Although you’re on a budget, remember, you can’t compromise on the comfort level when you’re choosing a mattress. There’s no use of buying a cheap mattress that gives you trouble with support, pressure points, and spine alignments. The best way to stay in budget is to balance it. For the right mattress, hold off the other renovations and use as much stuff from home as you can. That’s free.


Shuffle Your Stuff Around

This may sound strange, like what has bedroom stuff shifting got to do with the renovation? Putting things from one place to another is no renovation: it’s, perhaps, just a waste of time. No, it isn’t. If you want to renovate your bedroom, instead of going online, first just look around. Do you have anything in the living room that can fit in your bedroom, like a bookshelf? Any old side table in your attic that can be your nightstand. You need to be creative about the stuff already at your disposal.


Repaint Bedroom Walls

This is no cliché and perhaps the most creative aspect of a renovation. Repaint your bedroom walls. You don’t need to hire professional painters to do that. You can do the painting on your own. Get your creative juices flowing and create that great bedroom appeal you’ve been dreaming of.

There’s no need to go with traditional paints, be different. Perhaps you can paint three walls in the same manner and the wall behind your bed differently. You can also select a paint palette and decorate your bedroom with those colors to bring out a serene effect.


Reimagine Your Furniture

You don’t have to buy extra furniture to renovate your bedroom. Work with what’s around you. For instance, repaint your side tables. Remove the wallpaper for a new look. If you have an old bookshelf on a wall, remove and repaint it. Turn it into a nightstand and place it right beside your bedside.

You can let the stuff stay wherever it is and still reimagine your furniture. For instance, put up crafts and trophies on a bookshelf and keep the books on your writing desk. Change hanging frames and poster positions. This is all possible with some imagination, a little sweat, and without spending a single dollar.


Work with Nature 

The most beautiful yet convenient form of renovation is adding nature to your bedroom. Fill a vase with flowers and pick up a few rocks from the beach. Place them across the bedroom. Put a cactus plant if you want. Through nature, you can bring the best out of your bedroom. Remember, life does not create clutter.


Why Is Bedroom Renovation Important?

Now that you have many ideas for bedroom renovation, remember, you don’t have to spend a lot to make your bedroom comfortable. Bedroom renovation is way more important than we can imagine. It’s a place where we find solace and peace. We try to disconnect ourselves from the outer world and relax. If you’re going to step foot in an uncomfortable bedroom, you’ll suffer. 

Make sure you feel happy and at ease while lying on your bed. Look at the ceiling and feel proud of all the efforts you’ve made to renovate your bedroom.


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