Shower or bathtub

One of the most frequently asked questions when building a new bathroom is whether to opt for a shower or a bathtub. The choice can be quite difficult as each option has several advantages. That said, your final decision will be guided by your tastes. Here are some characteristics for both bathtubs and showers to help you make the right choice for you.

The Shower

Installing a shower in your new bathroom is a great way of saving water considerably. Unlike a bath which will require more water, a five-minute shower with a tradition head shower will use only 60 litres of water. In addition, showers can be both stimulating in the morning, and also relaxing after a long day at work. Moreover, taking a shower only takes ten minutes, which will also save you time. Besides being convenient, the shower requires only little space for its installation. You are also spoiled with choice when it comes to modern head shower models. Traditional shower cubicles are easily available from authorised distributors.

The Bathtub

The bath is specially designed for those who like to take their time either before starting the day or after working. Nothing beats a relaxing moment in the bathtub to de-stress! You can add bath salts or scented oils to multiply its relaxing virtues. Running a bath certainly takes time, but there is nothing like the feeling of relaxation when diving into the warm water.

If you are undecided, you still have the possibility to take a quick shower in your bathtub by installing a head shower over it. You will then have the choice between taking a quick shower or a relaxing bath depending on your mood and the time of the day. Furthermore, shower time for kids is much more fun and easier in a spacious bathtub.

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