Seven Luxury Home Renovation Ideas For 2020

A home is a place where you can be yourself, a place you feel calm and comfortable. It holds such a vital position in your heart because it is where you unwind after a long and exhausting day. Purchasing your own home is a milestone that people generally achieve after much hard work. And after spending a substantial amount of time living with loved ones, people develop sentiments towards their homes; it becomes much more than just walls and ceilings.

People renovate their homes for many reasons, but achieving a fresh new look is topmost amongst them. The process of renovation is complicated, laborious, and time-consuming; however, its results are gratifying, and all the hard work seems worth it. Besides, remodeling your house increases its property value, brings luxury to it, and enhances its functions. When you buy a house, you compromise on some aspects, but nothing stops you from renovating it afterward. You can make changes as per your desire.

A home should be a place that brings a sense of peace and tranquility the moment you walk in through the front door. Many people desire to upgrade their homes, but they are clueless about it.

Below we are listing down a few luxury home improvement ideas that will help you in remodeling your place: 

  1. Flooring and Ceiling

The two critical aspects of a home are flooring and ceiling, and upgrading either of them can give the whole house a fresh feeling. A wide variety of flooring is available in the market, such as marble, laminate, wood, stone, or if you do not want to alter the concrete surface, you can always go for rugs. Decorative rugs give the place a luxurious touch, while wooden flooring looks classy in rooms. Advancements in technology have enabled us to have ceilings that provide an illusion of a high ceiling. Moreover, Tray, covet, shed, and beam style ceilings are in trend. And you are not limited to the same type of flooring and ceiling in every room.

Markets are now full of home remodeling service centers, which provide high-quality home renovation services and offer consultations too. Hiring a home renovation company will ease your task.

  1. Kitchen and Bathroom

The kitchen is the busiest space of the house, and it is where you prepare meals for everyone.  Installing a kitchen island with sophisticated seating around it can give the area a fresh feel. Contrasting colored cabinets, more abundant storage, or installing an electric stove are some of the trending ways to bring luxury to your kitchen.

You can spruce up your bathroom by incorporating large tiles, upgrading knobs, and installing a ceramic washbasin. Adding a shower curtain, installing a Jacuzzi bath, or a gorgeous bathtub will make your bathroom stand out. Upgrading the kitchen and bathroom has the potential of uplifting the mood of the whole house.

  1. Windows Treatments

Windows dressing and treatment says a lot about the luxury of your house. Large windows that can let in fresh air and sunlight adds an oomph factor to your living rooms and hallways. Curtain with pelmets, sophisticated blinds, ceiling to floor curtains, and contrasting drapes are a few ideas that can change the overall look of a place. Window decals are another option for adding luxury to your house, it gives excellent results without requiring much effort.

  1. Lighting

Lighting creates an aura of vitality. Warm light gives the home a welcoming feeling and evokes a sense of calm in its inhabitants. Incorporating various sources of lighting is the latest trend as it helps in highlighting specific features of a house. Having a blend of different lighting types in different rooms will exquisitely lighten your abode.

Installing chandeliers in high ceilings is an excellent way of bringing out opulence in a home. Besides, cabinets with built-in bulbs, fancy energy savers, accent lighting, and LED strips are some ways that give your house a new feel.

  1. Furniture

Brand new furniture is an easy way of giving your house a luxurious makeover. High-quality big statement pieces, comfortable and cozy beddings, and lavish seating areas are few notions for adding luxury to your home. Interior designers suggest having a minimalistic approach, but they emphasize on purchasing beautiful quality furniture. Modern looking furniture blends easily with any theme. A wise approach is to buy furniture items keeping the space in mind, as cluttering a room with substantial sized furniture will suffocate the house. Moreover, high-quality furniture is durable and guarantees comfort.

  1. Walls

Changing the treatment of walls, while keeping the whole house as it is, can be an easy way of upgrading the overall look of a home. Paint is a pivotal factor for the look of a room. Super quality paint does not peel off easily, and their washable quality helps in maintaining them. Where wallpapers provide an illusion of expensive and sophisticated walls, you can also go for different colors on the walls of the same room. For example, to highlight a TV wall, you can paint it in contrast to others. Different wall textures are also available in the market, which gives the whole place a distinct touch.

  1. Smart Appliances

Today’s era is technologically driven, and home appliances are getting smarter by the day. You can time your coffee maker, and it will brew your coffee as per your instructions, refrigerators give an alert when they are about to run out of grocery, and washing machines have a feature that can fold clothes. So, appliance manufacturers design these smart appliances to save you time and energy.

Many devices have the option of integrating with your phone. So, you can enjoy the luxury of operating your home appliances while on the go. Smart tools are user friendly, convenient, and allow you to renovate your house stylishly.


Redesigning your home to have a luxurious feel does not have to be tiresome. Renovating a place is all about innovation, so try a mix of different things. Installing energy-efficient lighting, investing in smart appliances, and adding High-quality big statement pieces, and are some ways of giving your home a classy touch. But at the end of the day, there are no hard and fast rules; you can try whatever suits you.

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