Section of a Garage Door is damaged. Do I have to replace the whole door?

When customers call a garage door company for help with an issue, it can be for many different reasons. Some want a technician to come and fix a jammed door for them. Others need it replaced because it is simply ugly. Still, others call the professionals because their garage door is just very old. Such a door can easily be the source of a securitybreach.

But besides these problems, many customers also call the garage door company when they face a certain decision. The exterior of garage doors is constructed from panels. That is the part visible to you when your garage door is closed. When some of the panels get damaged for some reason, a customer can be in a quandary. Do they replace just the damaged panels? Or should they have the whole door replaced with a new undamaged one?

Are you stuck in a similar situation? Were you looking for Garage Door Repair McKinney Texas? Here’s what you need to do before having a door repair company onboard:

Close it!

If one or more of the garage door panels has been damaged, it might become jammed. Don’t let it remain halfway open! Instead, safely close it and keep it that way. Don’t use the controller to open it for any reason. You may end up damaging your garage door further.

Often the door remains stuck and refuses to close. Is that the case with yours? Then don’t delay calling in a professional. A garage door technician should immediately come out to close it for you. Remember a garage door can become a security risk!

Take some measurements

When you had it installed, its brand and model information must have come along with the door. Find them and then note them down. Then take a photo of the broken door. Measure its dimensions and then call the company. They will need the information for repairs, and you can mention it over the phone to get a quote. Don’t have the time to call? Then ask them if you can email the information.

In some cases, the garage door replacement is readily available. However, if you had a customized design made, then the garage door company might need more time to get a replacement for you. Either way, make sure that the security of your house isn’t at risk by keeping the faulty garage door shut and locked.

Don’t worry if you cannot access the information from where you are. Well-reputed companies cooperate with their customers. Ask them if they can send someone to get it for you. They can also provide you with the quote while on site. Of course, having the information on hand will expedite matters.


Decision time—replace or repair?

Two main factors will determine whether you should replace the damaged panels or the door itself.

How old is your garage door?

This factor is one of the two that will make your decision for you. The usual life expectancy of a garage door is between 20 to 25 years. So, for instance, if your door is only ten years old, most off the technician will advise simply repairing the panels.

That brings you to another potential problem. Finding the right panel for your door can be difficult. An ill-fitting panel might affect the security of your garage door. You might need to hunt around for a panel that is like the remaining ones in terms of weight, size, and looks. Mismatched panels won’t look good!

Finally, an old garage door may not have the advanced safety features, such as resistance to pinching, that the new ones have. Similarly, the recent models are also more energy-efficient with components like electronic eye sensors, automatic reversing mechanisms, and high-quality insulation. Want to add those for a more secure garage door? Then you might have to replace the whole thing.

What damaged the panel?

It is possible that some of your panels look more worn out than the others. Cosmetic blemishes that mar the look due to small scratches, cracks, dents, rust, or warps, can do that. In that case, replacing only those panels may do the trick.

However, if the cause of the damage happens to your door being struck by a car or someone forcing a locked door to open, there could be safety concerns. A hurricane or an earthquake can also be behind the damage. To you, it may not look like the door is compromised. A professional would be able to tell you if the door’s integrity is in danger. Is that the cause of the damage? Then the whole door would need replacing.

A garage door company that provides good service won’t believe in unnecessary repairs or replacements. Therefore, they will only suggest the best solution to your problem—whatever that might be. In either case, a broken garage door could be causing you inconvenience. The company’s aim should be to get your issue resolved as quickly as they can. Finally, while you make the decision, we recommend cautioning your family to avoid opening the broken garage door.

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