Scandinavian Home Decor – Ideas and Inspiration

Scandinavian décor has gained a lot of attention in the last couple of years. One of the crucial factors in this huge success is that the Nordic approach to design inherently embraces a connection with nature – the return to which has been advocated by many interior designers, industry experts, and even numerous celebrities.

Another factor, not frequently considered, is the fact that many people are living in smaller houses and tiny urban dwellings. The Scandinavian style is frequently utilized to make cramped spaces more open and visually larger.

The main ideas surrounding this approach to home décor are the use of neutral colors (specifically white and gray), modern clean-lined furniture, and natural materials such as wood.

If you, like many of us, are attracted to this type of décor, here are some ideas to spark your imagination.

Start with a white base

White walls are the hallmark of Scandinavian décor because they make any space feel larger and more vivid. Crisp white is a color easily incorporated in every room, and it provides an effective canvas for getting creative with decorating.

If you are not a fan of white, you can use light grey instead. It gives off the same neutral base while providing a touch of personality.

Don’t shy away from high contrasts

All-white rooms pose a risk of making a home look like a sterile environment, similar to a hospital. That’s why contrasts make a necessary element of Scandinavian design.

For example, black chairs in a crisp white dining room break the monotony. The contrasts in this type of décor are not just color-wise. It is also recommended to create an impactful statement with architectural details that are not as common in the Nordic home, such as ornate elements.

Take nature indoors

We’ve already mentioned that wood makes an essential element in Nordic design, particularly because of its power to introduce warmth and serenity. Chances are that you probably already have a lot of wooden elements in your home, but choose to hide them away. If you want to go Nordic, show off those chair legs, remove the tablecloth from the dining table, and celebrate one of the finest gifts Mother Nature has given us.

Other natural materials that can be included in a Scandinavian home are stone and clay. Along with these materials decoratively exhibited, houseplants add even more freshness and liveliness.

Add touches of color and shine

Because Scandinavian homes are mostly neutral, you can add pops of color and shine with small decorative details that will create visual interest. They shouldn’t be conspicuous as, let’s say, a huge pink couch. Go for something small, such as a decorated serving tray that is both pretty and useful showcased on a kitchen island or an open shelf. You see, Scandinavians don’t like to clutter the space with trinkets they don’t need. Instead, they make practical items serve as accessories too. Besides the metallic touches (silver, gold, and bronze gold), pastels tend to go well with a Nordic backdrop.

Make it comfy

Have you heard about “Hygge”? It is a Danish and Norwegian word that marks the feeling of coziness and comfortable living, but most of all – it is a way of life.

So, how to create a hygge home? Include cozy blankets, furry cushions, knitted pieces, candles, shaggy rugs, and everything that will make you want to curl up with a good book and a steaming cup of tea. If you’re eager to go all the way for that cozy feel, and won’t hesitate to go into a full-renovating mode, you can install a fireplace.

Lighting is not just a functionality

In a Scandinavian home, lighting doesn’t have a supporting role. It is one of the protagonists. Natural light is the most important, so don’t be afraid to remove all the curtains and leave the windows exposed. Maximize the amount of natural light by adding a mirror opposite a light source.

As for artificial lighting, it should provide several different layers from top to bottom: ceiling fixtures, mounted wall lamps, table lamps, and floor lamps.

We’ve already mentioned how even the functional parts play decorative roles, so make sure the fixtures you choose also provide visual interest. For example, a black pendant lamp will contrast the white walls, metallic wall lamps will give a shiny texture, while a pastel floor lamp can soften the space.

Bottom line

Scandinavian design can be summed up in one mantra: keep it simple. Everything else is just an afterthought. So feel free to play with the details that will round up your Nordic fairytale.

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