RTA Cabinet Review – Ice White Shaker Cabinets

What Are Shaker Cabinets?
Shaker cabinets come in a variety of sizes and colors. The defining feature that sets them apart is simplicity. Shaker cabinets are basically just a cabinet like a blank canvas, but constructed in a stylish way that has a positive general impression on the viewer. While shaker-style cabinetry is perfect for modern homes, it fits in with many style motifs.

The prime deciding agent in cabinetry will have a lot more to do with coloration than futuristic, or “classic”, design. Now certainly, going with designs matching your overall aesthetic enhances the feel of a room; but what’s your budget? Shaker cabinets are also quite affordable, in general, and they come in many varieties—so you should choose carefully.

The key is finding shaker-style cabinets produced by the right people, and in a way which best matches your stylistic preferences. So it definitely makes sense to look around a bit. Following we’ll briefly cover a few features you’ll want to consider as you examine reviews to help you find the most effective solutions for your home or other property.


Drawers And Framing: What Kind Of Storage Do You Have?
Some shaker cabinets won’t include drawers; they’ll just be an empty box with a facade on the front. Sometimes the door doesn’t even work, because the cabinet is meant to be stylistic, not something you can use. Well, that may be appropriate for your property. For most properties, though, it’s not. You want drawers and framing conducive to storage.

How much storage do you need? When you’re in the middle of a remodel, and you’ve pulled all the items out of the old cabinets, and removed that old furniture, how much junk is lying around? Sometimes the remodel process is an excellent opportunity to downsize; suddenly you realize you don’t need quite what you thought you did. Or, you might find you need more.


The Finish Of Doors: How Resilient Is It?
How doors are finished, and the colors with which they are finished, will make a difference. Ice white shaker cabinetry options tend to match most decorative motifs because the color is fairly neutral, meaning it can be paired with anything. But neutrality and appropriateness aren’t the only things you want to think about. Additionally, you want to consider strength.

How strong is the finish on the outside of the cabinets you’re considering? What sort of finish material was used, and in what quantity? What sort of history do such finishing options have with the cabinets you’re considering? You can always refinish them yourself; but is that really the right move? Shouldn’t you expect the finish to be sustainable until you remodel?


Box And Interior Finish: Does It Match?
Next, consider the box finish. Sometimes shaker cabinets aren’t made to have their tops or bottoms visible, accordingly these segments of the cabinets aren’t finished. That may be something you’re willing to deal with, it could be a deal breaker. Something else that might be a deal breaker is the interior finish of the cabinets.

Certainly, some property owners don’t care about the insides of their cabinets. Some prefer the insides to be different from the outsides. Some would rather the insides match the outsides.

Well, as it turns out, there are options for any buyer out there which follow unique preferences; you may just have to look around a bit. So don’t forget to consider interior finish, and how extensive it is. This could be that which helps you make up your mind between varying cabinetry options in the shaker family.


Exploring Your Options
Many options exist for cabinetry, and ice white shaker cabinets tend to have coloration that is a better fit for most homes—of course, you’ll want to know what you’re getting into beforehand. To get a more well-rounded, in-depth perspective on these cabinets, you can check this detailed and structured Ice White Shaker Review.

Drawers, framing, storage, door finish, and the interior finish of such cabinets should be requisite to your needs and match the motif of the rooms where you plan to install them. That said, shaker cabinets tend to provide as much cost-effectively, and resiliently. So if you’re considering new cabinetry options for your home, you might want to look into these.


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