Renovation is a costly affair! Here is how to do it smartly

Merely building a home is not enough. Sooner or later, you must invest your time and money in renovating it. After all, how else can one ensure that the beauty of their abode remains intact?

But, there is one thing that usually stands in the way of home renovations- budget! Let’s face it; renovation is a costly affair.

As per Houzz, the average expenditure for improving a house is approximately $15,000. Sometimes, the costs can go up to $85000! Home improvement activities include decoration, renovation, and repair. Out of this, 58 percent of times, people opt for renovation rather than other activities.

Worried about exceeding your budget during your home renovation? Here are six tips you can follow to revamp your house cost-effectively.

  1. Clean up

Before you start calling in architects and contractors to renovate your home, you must take a step back and gauge which parts of your house need renovation.

Sometimes, we don’t realize the amount of space the current structure has. We tend to look at a claustrophobic space and think that the existing structure of the room is to be blamed. But, at times, the clustered space is our fault.

For instance, if you put too many accessories and items in a single space, it is bound to fill up. Before you begin thinking about renovating and improving the room altogether, first begin by cleaning the space up.

Put away all items in the room and see how spacious it is. This might allow you to realize that the room in question does not require renovation. Instead, it requires revamping from a designing point of you. Merely changing how items are arranged in the room can end up improving it.

Do this activity throughout your house. Plan where you need to spend money and where removing and adding accessories to a given room will suffice.

  1. Plan

Unless you have a lot of money to spend and don’t worry about duplication of resources, the key is to plan your home renovation ahead. Contrary to popular beliefs, a home renovation plan doesn’t necessarily have to be formal and carefully sketched out architectural plans.

Instead, it can just be a clear set of ideas for each part of the house. In short, as a homeowner, you must know precisely what improvement you want to do in different parts of your home.

Make sure you cover all the essential areas of your house. This includes the roof, foundation, wallpapers, windows, flooring, ceiling, gutters, doors, exterior paint, rooms, kitchen, storage, bathroom, etc.

  1. Insulation measures triumph all

A smart home renovation is one that focuses on the right things. Making sure that your house is insulated well is one of them. The last thing you would want is for your family to be uncomfortable.

There are some aspects of home renovation that can wait. This can include wallpaper, exterior painting, and room reconstruction. But, aspects, like fixing your roof, ceiling, foundation, and ensuring insulations, are aspects that are a must to guarantee a cozy stay in your abode.

Hence, repairing any leaks in the house and investing in the right heating products Portland Oregon has to offer, is a must. Since home renovation is a costly affair, it is best to prioritize correctly.

  1. Choose your paint palate carefully

Are you considering painting different colors on the various walls of your house? If you do so, you will be increasing your renovation expenditure for no reason. To renovate your home smartly, it is advised that you stick to a black and white palette.

Not only does black and white palette makes sure that your house looks modern and sophisticated, but instead, it also ensures that the lighting in your house looks good.

What wall paint has to do with the lighting in your house, you may wonder. Well, a lot goes into picking the right color for a given space. For instance, you must consider the role of natural light.

In North-facing rooms, bolder colors look much better than muted ones since natural light comes off as cool and bluish in north-facing rooms. On the contrary, south-facing rooms look best when painted in cool colors.

Since different rooms have different wall paint requirements, alternating between white and black, or any other relevant monochromatic combination can help you in staying within your budget.

  1. Utilize your kitchen space

Before you begin constructing new cabinets and revamping the look of your kitchen altogether, make sure that you are utilizing the current space to its full potential. See which spaces you can use better.

Once you realize the extent of your storage problems in your kitchen, the next step is to think of an economical solution. No, getting a contractor to create a new design for your kitchen is not the answer. In fact, at times, you can’t translate your storage need well enough to be satisfied with such remodeling.

Rather than constructing expensive cabinets, you can also create DIY options via recycled material present at your house or in thrift shops.

What’s the benefit of doing so? Simple! No one can know about your storage need better than you. Building cabinets yourself will increase the chances of you being satisfied with the output.

  1. Workaround your flooring

A smart home renovation never includes a floor renovation. Unless the need for it is undeniable and unavoidable.


This is because floor renovations are the most expensive aspect of home renovation. Rather than renovating your floors to suit your other home improvements, do it the other way around. Renovate everything else around the current design of your floor.

This will help you in saving a lot of money. The maximum you should do is polish your floors. And once your home renovation is done, no one would be able to guess that the flooring in your house is old!

Key Takeaway: Be Smart

Not all home renovations have to be expensive. All you need to do is approach the task smartly and are good to go!

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