Renovating Your Property? Light up Your Landscaping for Bold Appeal with These 5 Simple Concepts

The decision to renovate your landscape or install a brand-new concept is rife with options. What foliage do you choose? How much hardscaping do you want? Should you indulge in a water feature? It can take some time to envision the perfect landscape through all the choices you have to make. Deciding the best way to light your landscaping can take a little extra thought, simply because there’s such a wide breadth of options and possibilities. 

Lighting your landscaping isn’t just a decision of how to keep it illuminated at night. The lighting you choose affects everything from your property’s appeal, utility after dark, to security and more. It’s also smart to pay close attention as to how you’re lighting your property, what features deserve illumination, and how it all comes together cohesively. 

Here’s a look at five creative ways to light up your landscaping, each of which is more versatile than the last. Consider incorporating any or all of them to bring the many benefits of purposeful, tasteful lighting to your newly-renovated property. 

1. Path Lighting

Path lighting is primarily functional and something you’ll appreciating having when you arrive home after dark. Path lighting illuminates the way to your front door, garage, or back door with a gentle glow that’s unobtrusive and practical. 

The best part is, path lighting options are diverse! Consider stake-in solar lamps that kick on when the sun goes down. Or, if your path is part of a broader hardscape, choose simple good lights you can step right over. 

2. Hardscape Well Lighting

Speaking of hardscaping, well lighting is a simple and beautiful solution to gently light functional outdoor spaces. These lights integrate with pavers to provide soft lighting underfoot, spaced across the entirety of your flat patio or walkway. They’re well-placed around the perimeter of a patio, as well as in main areas to provide depth. 

Place well lighting every six to eight feet to give flat hardscapes a gentle glow. 

3. Tree and Feature Up-lighting

As you plan features for your landscape renovation, plan to light them as well. A well-placed spotlight or some creative up-lighting for your trees and standalone features can take their appeal up a notch. Soft spotlighting on a tree brings depth to your property. Up-lighting a statue also creates an imposing focal point. Even shedding light on a rock feature imbues your property with character. 

Lighting features is a great way to distinguish important parts of the landscape while raising the standard across the board.  

4. String lighting

Have a deck or patio on your new landscape? You want to cast a little light on this functional space, but not so much that it’s blinding or intrusive. String lighting is a stylish, practical answer! 

String lighting offers a world of creative possibilities, from lighting the perimeter of a deck to lines strung in patterns over a patio. The simplicity of string lighting makes it easy to set up and reconfigure in whatever way best complements your space. It’s your solution to soft lighting – the perfect marriage between practicality and natural ambiance. 

5. Wall grazing lighting

Use primarily on hardscapes, wall grazing lighting (and ledge lighting) are perfect vertical lighting solutions. Their downcast lighting is complementary to flat surfaces and unobtrusive in areas where you might be spending time outdoors. 

Pair wall grazing lighting with commercial kitchens, pool decking, hardscape walls, retaining walls, and more. It doesn’t have to be bright to make a big statement!


For amazing appeal, combine all five of these lighting types on your freshly-renovated property. A little light—placed strategically and configured accordingly—goes a long way in showing off your effort to coordinate greenery, foliage, and hardscaping around your home.


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