Renovating Your Bathroom on a Small Budget

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Your bathroom hasn’t been renovated for a long time, it needs a touch of painting here, and a bit of work there.  Follow the home decorating specialist tips from “maison design” to find out how to renovate your bathroom on a small budget.

Breathe new life into the bathroom with ceramic

Ceramics are the highlight of most bathrooms.  Once it fades, the whole room seems to be in disrepair.  So, start the makeover by deep cleaning the ceramics on the walls and the floor, and do the same on the porcelain pieces (toilet, sink).  Use nontoxic disinfectants and scale removal products to keep the impact on the environment to a minimum.  Once the cleaning is done, you can see whether the ceramics need a touch of paint.  Get paint that is specifically made for porcelain and/or humid conditions.  Choose bright colours to create a nice and pleasant environment.  Click here to find out more about choosing the right colours.

Make Use of the Lighting

The key to perfect bathroom decorating is having great lighting, and this element is even more important if you want a modern and trendy atmosphere.  Nothing is better than natural light, however, if your bathroom does not allow for much sun, compensate with a lamp or two.  You can install low cost wall lamps around the room, particularly in work zones such as the sink area, and beside the bath or shower.  Lastly, put up mirrors to reflect even more light.

Freshen up your Furniture

As the time passes, trends change and your furniture will probably start to look outdated. We don’t recommend that you break the bank and invest all of your money on new furniture. Instead, we suggest that you upcycle your old furniture into new modern pieces.  Painting is the most efficient solution, but you can also choose stickers or wallpapers on your old furniture, or try replacing doors with blinds.  Don’t hesitate to change the doorknobs for newer ones.  Pick your favourite models from magazines or home decorating websites.

Make the Bathroom Fixtures Shine

Bathroom fittings fade  over time due to chemical products and water, and this is something that won’t go unnoticed in your bathroom.  So, because this is a very important room in your home, especially when you have friends or guests over, think about making changes. Your bathroom reflects the hygiene and cleanliness of your living environment.  Invest a few dollars in replacing your taps, and choose both handy and aesthetically pleasing accessories for your shower to create a modern style.  Don’t forget to regularly clean the bathroom fittings with natural products (organic) and disinfectants.  Alternatively, you could make your own homemade products with simple ingredients that are readily available.

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