Remodeling Mistakes You Should Avoid

Remodeling always presents an exciting time for homeowners. Finally, they would get to do the changes that would make their home fully reflect their personal tastes.

However, most homeowners realize soon enough that remodeling isn’t a walk in the park. Home remodeling is a construction project, and like most projects of its kind, so many things may not go as planned. In fact, some things go so wrong that couples end up separating because of the strain the whole undertaking has put on their relationship.

Then again, remodeling need not be that stressful if we manage to steer clear of the most common mistakes people make when remodeling, such as:

Setting an unrealistic budget

Ask anyone who has had any construction work, and they will tell you that they almost always go over budget, especially when there are unexpected costs like mold damage you didn’t know about or termites behind a wall. To avoid being rattled by such surprises, always work an additional 20% into your budget.

Ignoring local building codes

We have heard about far too many homeowners who have spent a lot of money on a home improvement only to have it taken down because it isn’t up to code.

Always remember that when doing any type of construction work, make sure that you have secured all the necessary permits and that everything must be in keeping with safety and zoning laws in your area.

Using cheap materials

Trying to keeping costs down is understandable, but sacrificing quality just to save a dollar or two could mean disaster for your remodeling project. More often than not, cheap materials are of low quality, and you wouldn’t want parts of your home made out of inferior quality products. They aren’t likely to last long, and that means you’re going to have repairs done sooner than you expected.

You have to be practical when buying construction materials. Some materials may be a little beyond your price range, but if you have the budget for them, then buy them. It may be expensive today, but you end up saving money in the long run because you won’t have to have repairs done so soon, thanks to longer-lasting, high-quality materials.

Overestimating your DIY skills

We live in a world where just about everyone tries the do-it-yourself route for just about anything. And with the proliferation of many home improvement shows, more and more people are taking on all kinds of construction projects, including remodeling their home.

There’s nothing wrong with doing DIY remodeling work, but the structural, plumbing, and electrical work that remodeling requires has to be done by a skilled, highly-trained, and experienced builder. Good for you if you’re a naturally-gifted builder with the right training, tools, equipment, and experience, but if your own skills are suspect, you will always be better off hiring a contractor to do your remodeling. You wouldn’t want to be spending all that time, effort, and money on remodeling only to end up with substandard results.

However, if you insist on contributing something to the remodeling and scratching your DIY itch at the same time, perhaps you’d like to do simpler tasks such as painting, wallpaper removal, demolition, and refinishing cabinets.

Hiring the wrong contractor

While hiring a professional builder is the best way to go if you’re remodeling, some people end up hiring a contractor who isn’t licensed, insured, and bonded. There are also contractors who may have the proper licenses and insurance, but aren’t particularly known for delivering excellent service or results.

It’s always best to hire licensed, insured, and bonded contractors. You must also do your own research when it comes to their standing in the industry. Ask former clients, or check out reviews online to make sure you’re hiring the right contractor for the job.

Yes, remodeling brings a certain amount of stress, but you can keep its levels down by not making the most common mistakes listed above. Soon enough, you’ll have the house that you’ve always wanted.

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