Proven Ways to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is a word that is thrown around all the time without people putting into practice. Well, let me start by breaking down the terminology. Energy efficiency is the mechanism of using fewer amounts of energy than normal to achieve the same task/accomplish a specific purpose. One of the benefits that come with being energy efficient is reducing the carbon footprint.

Additionally, it can save you a lot of money and make your home a more comfortable place to live in. So how do we conserve energy at home? Here are some of the proven ways of making your home energy efficient.

1.  Replace Incandescent Lights With Energy-Saving Bulbs

In an average house, about 11% of the energy is consumed by lighting. That is not the only problem; only 10% of this electricity is concerted to light by incandescent bulbs. What these two figures try to explain is that incandescent bulbs waste a lot of electrical energy.

The best thing to do in such a situation is replacing these incandescent bulbs with energy-saving bulbs. Just like the name suggests, these bulbs consume less energy, thereby saving the rest to be used elsewhere. That is not all when you use energy-saving bulbs in your home; your lighting cost will be reduced by 75%.

2.  Smart Thermostat

Another important energy-saving tip you can follow is using a smart thermostat. This is because a smart thermostat can be programmed to adjust its settings according to different weather conditions. Let us say, for example, it is cold, and then the weather suddenly changes, and the sun starts shining. If you have your smart thermostat on at that time, even if you were away during the weather change, the device would make the necessary adjustments.

3.  Install Solar Panels

I know the first thing that is going through your mind right now is, solar panels are expensive. I know solar panels are quite costly, but the benefits you will enjoy in the long run will make you glad for buying and installing them. A solar panel can come in handy in your home in numerous ways. One, you can use it to heat your water. This means you will reduce the number of times you use electricity to heat water. You can also use it for lighting, instead of electrical energy. Apart from saving energy, it can also help you reduce the costs of electricity in your home.

4.  Use a Smart Air Conditioner

Nowadays, with technology, an air conditioner is not just a device that cools a room. Experts have taken the initial idea of air conditioners and added more functionalities, which have given rise to what we call a smart air conditioner. In most cases, smart air conditioners come with energy star ratings. This means that the manufacturer included special items to ensure that it consumes less energy than the regular air conditioners.

There are also features of the air conditioner that enable it to save electricity and promote energy conservation. One of the most common features of smart air conditioners is auto shut off. With this feature, the device knows when to stop operating based on specific settings the user inputs. With this, the device will not just be cooling a room even when it is unnecessary. Even with this being said, some faults may hinder the device from conserving energy; for example, the ac compressor not turning on. A defective motor usually causes a faulty compressor. When you have such a problem, you should try to get it fixed as soon as possible by a certified technician.


Saving energy is an integral part of achieving the dream of low carbon emission and reducing the cost of electricity. To accomplish this, you can start by replacing your incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient ones that consume less energy. Another way of saving energy is through the installation of solar panels. The power from the panel can be used to run two or three things in the house and thereby saving on electrical energy. Let us not forget that smart thermostats and air conditioners can also help in the conservation of energy in homes.

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