Plastering Trowel Comparison – Plastic vs Metal

Plastering trowel, plastic, or metal which is better?

Whether you are just entering the plastering industry and looking to start developing your tool collection or want a simple plastering trowel for doing a DIY job at home, it is important you start at the right place and also save money.

As people decide to buy their first plastering trowel, the first common questionvthey ask is what size is best for them? A longer trowel requires more pressure and technique while a shorter trowel is perfect for beginners. This is because it gives you much more control and is easier to carry. When your skill improves and you continue to plaster much larger surfaces, you can then switch gradually to longer trowels.

When you want your plastering trowel to stand the test of time and deliver exceptional finish without fail, selecting a top brand is crucial. If you’re looking to invest in tools that will remain in good shape for years and years, then you can go for a metal plastering trowel.

Always ensure that your tools are looked after by keeping them clean and opting for a trowel case to prevent damage. Due to their lightweight, versatile nature, plastic plastering trowels are nevertheless common among beginners.

Very often, achieving the sleek finish with a plastic trowel is easier – making them suitable for those who are still practicing their style. When you step into larger jobs with more tricky surfaces, a stainless-steel plastering trowel is a must. When you begin to find nicks and bumps use a plastic trowel on trickier tasks.

Metal trowel

The traditional metal trowel is still preferred in the trade with more old school plasterers. The metal trowel normally made of stainless steel provides a variety of advantages and it has done a great job for over a century.

The metal trowel usually requires a little more maintenance, nevertheless, it’s worth the finish you can get off a metal trowel, and these particular tools will last a lifetime if well cared for. Although the strength and reliability of metal trowels are unrivaled, they are usually heavier than plastic, which can affect your ability to effectively plaster a wall.

It needs to be mentioned here that three hours of plastering with a metal trowel would be more of an ache than a plastic trowel. There are multiple benefits of metal plastering trowel. They are simple, reliable, solid, durable, and function of the tool is unmatched.

Plastic trowel

A wide range of plastic trowels are available in the market and even the most traditional brands are creating plastic alternatives to keep pace with the rapid movement and modernization of the plastering trade. Plastic trowels are not without their flaws though, however, you will find that they are very unlikely to give you the endurance and durability of the metal trowel because of their lightweight advantages.

They are much more vulnerable to damage and are much more likely to need replacement earlier than a metal trowel. Plastic trowels are suitable for those in need of a tool, which would be better for plastering on their body. Most plasterers recently made the move to plastic trowels because of their lighter weight. Less weight means less effort on plastering a wall.

Select the best plastering trowel for your requirement

The choice of the plastering trowel is up to your personal preference. Most plasterers don’t like changing their tools too much, so it’s understood why, while plastic trowels provide a lightweight substitute, metal trowels have durability and reliability that its counterpart cannot match. In past decades, the plastering industry has seen significant advances in tools, accessories, and plaster itself, which is only good for the industry to step forward.


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