Planning a bathroom redo? The bathroom renovation stages you should never skip

Imagine laying in a clawfoot tub, soaking in your favorite bath bomb. You have sultry music playing in the background and are getting a foot massage by your significant other. Such a filmy, romantic, moment would that be!

If you, too, had remodeling plans for the summer and are bummed out about it being delayed, due to lockdown, well then fret not. Many of us are in this boat of misery and postponement. Here we are. All cooped up in our homes and bickering on each other during the country-wide lockdown.

To lift the spirits and encourage productive work around the house, we have decided to curate a list of bathroom remodeling projects that would help you maintain your sanity in these tough times.

Remodeling a bathroom

Remodeling a bathroom is one of the most common renovation projects undertaken by a majority of people. The concept is simple and has a lot of room for creativity. Do you know the best part about a bath remodels? It is not an aesthetic or appeal but the sheer luxury of choice.

Here are a few steps involved in the bathroom remodeling process that need your utmost attention. For, the redo would go askew if any of these steps were skipped.

Go grab a cup of tea, or perhaps some Chardonnay; it’s the quarantine period no one’s judging.

Let’s redo your bathroom!


Just like any other renovation project, visualizing your plan for a bathroom, remodel plays a critical role. This is the stage where you can look for the latest trends. Figure out the color palette, fixtures, tiles, and other significant details.

We can understand that a lot of people are scared to take up design projects due to their insecurity about aesthetic sensibilities and lack of technical knowledge. Therefore, we suggest you seek professional help in this regard. An expert interior designer will take your input and vision and will visualize it on the walls of your bathroom.

However, if you were in the middle of a renovation project before the announcement of the lockdown, then all your plans must have been stalled. Bummer! However, we have got a solution for it too.

In this case, getting help from a virtual bathroom redesign consultation is the best way forward for you. A professional will virtually help you understand the needs and possibilities of your space while also accommodating you within the budget you have decided.

Set a budget

If you are wondering why we asked you to visualize first, before setting the budget, then don’t worry. We are about to address the subject. The reason why we asked you to draw a visual plan is that this is the best time to prioritize.

Do you plan on making long term changes, or is this remodel just fun experimentation? Do you plan to live in the house for long, or is this renovation just a step towards adding value to your home before the sale?

When you have clear objectives, your choices become clear.

Organize your project

Once you have an idea about what needs to be done and how much you are willing to spend, then comes the tough part – organization. This process includes scheduling orders, taking care of the demolition, maintaining finances, and whatnot.

If you take the precautious step of ordering things before the remodeling work such as demolition, scraping, and plumbing, then you save yourself from added anxiety. Making a checklist of all the items would be an ideal step to prevent last-minute hassles.

Make appropriate choices

We can understand that it is easy to go with the flow of aesthetically pleasing choices, but that does not mean that you should make decisions that you’d later regret. You must think carefully about the type of bathtub, showerheads, and tiles you choose according to age and medical condition of the intended users.

If you have children at home or have regular elderly visitors, then it is ideal for you to invest in appropriate grip handles and slip-proof tiles. Being careful now can save you from drastic expenses in medical insurance and accidents in the future.

Remain steadfast during tiling and paint jobs

We have heard one too many tales about customers switching the color palette a day before the masons are expected to start working. People often end up getting multiple coats of different paints when they are not satisfied with the overall mood of the space.

You might have found paint at cheap rates, or perhaps, you may be getting the paint done on your own. But, being fickle comes at a cost. If you had planned the color palette ahead of time, you could have saved up for the vintage washroom accessories you had been eyeing for so long.

Be mindful of storage.

Yes! Having cabinet space in a bathroom is crucial. Not all of us have the Kardashian bathrooms that are as big as dining rooms. Being mindful of it, you must choose cabinets that maximize your storage capacity.

It is important to remember that a bathroom store a lot of things such as your toiletries, skincare and beauty products, towels, robes, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and so much more.

It is why we suggest our readers choose concealed cabinet space that does not look boxy on the outside but has sufficient space to store all of your essentials.

Final Takeaway

Redoing a bathroom is an interesting job. It tests your creativity, organization, and patience too. Remember that if you are unable to get the spa-like bathroom right now, then you can always improvise to make things fit in your budget.

You can use this period of staying at home to visualize and start working on the basic processes. This time will allow you to make the best choices. You can easily invest this time in your research and figure out what will go well in your bathroom.

Keep in mind that the bathroom is the second most used space in the house. And the best of ideas often strike us there. So keep this space spruced and pretty.

If you want to learn more about lighting or color palette for your bathroom and other spaces around the home, then please let us know in the comments below.

You know that we love to hear from you!

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