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All right… on your marks, get set… go! Finally, the time has come and you’re going ahead with it. You are giving way to an idea, which has the potential of changing your life. You are so taken by this idea, that you simply can’t get it out of your mind. It may come to you as a shocking revelation, or may at other moments gently creep up on you. For those of you who have come to know the power of its spell, you know it fully well by name. This idea I speak of, if you haven’t already guessed it, I herald with the brazen sound of trumpets: I present to you the grand (even if sometimes small), the beautiful (although quite functional), the heartwarming, the unique and incredibly stimulating Project!

But hold on a sec here… just between you and I, this amazing project you’ve been knitting up in your mind shall remain, so long as no one has actually given it workable form, a vague and poorly defined concept flitting around between those eager ears of yours. It is precisely when this reality check hits home that you’ll feel the need to find the right professional to partner with you through the process of converting idea to reality. To help guide you in this quest, here is a brief portrait of the principal design field players that you may call upon. What’s really important at this stage is to appropriately select the one which, by default, distinguishes him or herself best with the character of your enterprise.

Doctor Creative : the interior designer

Mostly known for transforming the interior spaces of a building (as the title indicates), his resources and knowledge on matters of spatial configurations, fixed furnishings, finishes of all types and of their arrangements are hard to beat. If you wish to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, or wish to rethink the distribution of your house or shop so long as these do not have an impact over public safety, structural issues or building envelope concerns, this professional certainly holds some of the best assets to do the work.

Wonder Dresser : the decorator

When shedding one’s inner skin for another more appealing one, somewhat like having a change of new clothing, one must call upon the decorator. Having a sharpened sense of style, the decorator offers refinement in details, textiles, ornamentation and color plays of all types. This is the designer you need if the work at hand is mostly a matter of esthetics.

Top Maestro : the architect

The architect is the design professional offering the widest array of services in the field of building planning. Law in Quebec having endowed him with a reserved field of practice, more specifically any intervention on buildings having more than two storeys or larger than 300m2 per floor area, this professional is often solicited for this exact reason. He is, however, skilled to take charge of smaller projects, bringing an unequalled sense of quality through his eclectic comprehension of components near and far which make up for a successful building. He is a composer and conductor combined, injecting creative, legal, normative, technical and financial knowledge into the process.

His Efficient Excellency : the technologist

Member of a distinct professional association, the building technologist may be sought to design and create any edifice or building part which is not ascribed by law to the architect’s reserved field of practice. This enables him to fulfill many a need in the planning of projects across the land, and he is often fit to offer economical, useful and practical solutions to his clientele. Before committing though, make sure to consult with your municipality that the nature of your project doesn’t require an architect’s engagement, as may sometimes be the case. Cities have at times theright to constrain laws, even if they may not relax them. This way, you’ll steer clear of the dreaded double hiring, a painful twist for any and all parties concerned.

Super Solid : the structural engineer

Sometimes, a structural engineer may easily be the only design professional required for the transformation of a project. The creation of large spanning interior or exterior spaces, modifying a column’s position or repairing a foundation wall or footing are all under his expertise. Do take note that according to Quebec’s Law of Engineers, any building work on foundations or structural superstructures (meaning ‘above ground’) together representing more than $100,000 in total worth must be handled by a registered structural engineer, and moreover his work must be devised from drawings prepared by an architect.

Well understanding the nature of your project allows you to hit the mark when it comes to selecting the right design pro. May it be applying fresh paint or artificially enlightening a room in your house, replacing a load‐bearing wall with a beam and column design, bringing about change to an old club so that may become a new Mecca to DJs, modifying window openings on a borough’s building facades, or extending the family house with the teen’s new bedroom over the garage, all of these can be linked to a specific designer. So now, do you feel like you could connect these varied projects with the right professional?

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Practicing architect based in Montreal, Stéfan Marquis wins the heart of his clientele by way of his concern for how owners experience the project process and of their satisfaction for the actual finished product. His inclusive and participatory approach is conveyed through teamwork, where the client is an active member. His work is present in all building usage types, may it be set in important historic parts of the city, be of residential concern, or designed in vibrant contemporary style.