New trend: Interior brick wall

Large brick walls placed in a single big room is the new trend. You will need the appropriate equipment to realise it. More so, you will need a lot of patience and some skills to complete the brick wall successfully. Brick walls are really simple to realise and are perfect to embellish your house. Here are the steps to realise your brick wall as well as the required materials.

The stages of completion

Realising an interior brick wall yourself is not an easy task, especially if you have little experience in DIY or masonry. To start, you should be equipped with the appropriate materials to obtain the best results. Begin by delimitating and preparing the area where you would like to install your brick wall. Proceed by laying the mortar and gradually installing the bricks one by one. Once this step is completed, finish by smoothing the joints.

The materials

You will need an array of tools to assemble your interior brick wall, like a ruler, a level, a trowel and door frames. While sealing pastes will help to secure the structure, cement, sand, water and bricks will also be needed.

Modernise and beautify the interior

Interior brick walls are the new fashionable way to decorate your interior. It acts as a dividing wall to separate a large room into two, as well as giving it more character. This structure also gives a very natural atmosphere to your house. If the natural colour of the brick wall does not please you, you can always paint it to suit your tastes. Brick walls are perfect to instil a rustic décor in your living room.

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