Must-Have Appliances for a Luxury Apartment

A lot of people associate luxury with high-cost, which is definitely not a fair comparison. You see, luxury is also about elegance, uniqueness and the ability to make all of these incredible factors meet at your own convenience. The perfect example of this can be seen through the concept of designing luxury apartments with the help of technology. By adding pragmatic, high-tech items to the mix, you can get to your goal a lot sooner than you’ve initially intended. With that in mind and without further ado, here are eight must-have appliances in order to turn your home into a genuine luxury apartment.

1.    Smart lights

In order to have a proper luxury apartment, what you need to do is make an investment in your own convenience. You see, by automating certain processes or by just making them remotely controllable, you can easily make the place more convenient, which helps you out in more than one way. The best example of how this works can be seen through the concept of smart lights. First of all, smart lights help you out immensely when it comes to conserving energy, especially if you opt for an LED option, as well. Second, just the fact that they allow you to control the lighting of the place without leaving the couch already gives you a compelling reason to install them.

Another thing you need to understand is the impact that smart lights will have on your home’s visitors. Look at it this way, while this is far from high-tech, the truth is that smart lighting still isn’t standard in a lot of homes. This is what makes it unique, even exclusive. The most important thing you need to take into consideration here is the fact that if you go for the concept of layer lighting, you get the privilege of adding a whole new dimension to your control of the place.

2.    Smart thermostat

The next item that is a definite must-have in any luxury apartment is a smart thermostat. Why? Well, because it allows you to keep the optimal temperature within the place without having to undergo too much trouble. First of all, a smart thermostat is programmable, which means that you can order it to start warming up the place about half an hour before you come home from work. Second, they’re remotely controllable, which means that you can issue this order yourself, even if you didn’t program it earlier. Also, if you remember that you’ve forgotten to switch it off, you can do it later on.

Keep in mind that there are other benefits to using smart thermostats that you need to take into consideration. For instance, it helps you minimize the energy cost by using it to its optimal capacities and frugality. Second, it is easy to schedule its usage in whatever way you like. This also takes the likelihood of human error out of the equation and provides you with somewhat greater reliability. Last, but in no way least important is the fact that it helps you analyze your energy usage, thus providing you with a chance to make some improvements.

3.    Self-watering planters

A luxury apartment is the one that takes care of itself. Sure, even with the present-day automation, such a thing is still not possible. Nonetheless, you would be surprised at just how many processes you can automate if you’ve just tried. One such idea is to install self-watering planters and allow your indoor greenery to take care of itself. Keeping indoor plants makes the place more vivacious, pleasant and… well, luxurious. It also purifies the air and keeps the place a tad cooler (which can also be an energy-friendly method).

As far as the benefits of self-watering planters go, the list goes on and on. The first and most obvious advantage is the water conservation that comes from self-watering plants. Second, you get to protect the nutrients in your soil and encourage healthy root growth. From this, it’s more than clear that an investment in self-watering planters does more than just save your labour. It also helps your plants develop more efficiently and allows you to make a truly eco-efficient system of indoor gardening.

4.    Smart fridge

Another thing you need to consider is investing in a smart fridge. Why? Well, because this gives you a chance to invest in not just a smarter kitchen but also a healthier lifestyle. First of all, a smart fridge is a device that can help you keep track of what you eat, ranging from the nutrient composition, all the way to the caloric value of the contents. This device can also save your life and health by sending you an alert or a notification when a product is about to expire. Needless to say, this can help you avoid a particularly nasty food poisoning.

Other than just helping you out with the freshness and safety of your food, there are many other pragmatic benefits to using a smart fridge. For instance, the fact that you can remotely check the content of your fridge can help you with on-spot updates of your shopping list. You can also get to see what’s inside while you’re at work in order to plan out your meals and look for recipes. Some of these smart fridges can even be connected to an application that would help you automatically search for the recipes of meals that can be made with the contents of this fridge.

5.    High-end coffee maker

Amongst the things that your household definitely needs is definitely a coffee maker. Just thing about entertaining guests in your home and being able to offer them a coffee like the one from a real coffee place. The most impressive and the most pragmatic appliance that you could opt for is definitely a premium capsule coffee machine. This is also quite great for overall use and maintenance. The brewing process is fairly simple and cleaning the machine doesn’t take much time or energy. With the help of a luxury appliance such as this one, you can have it all.

The reason why this simple item takes such a prominent spot on this list is due to the fact that coffee itself takes a pivotal spot in our society. It’s a beverage that’s ritually sipped first thing in the morning and it’s a common courtesy to offer it to your guests. Also, bear in mind that it’s the fuel on which the modern business world is running, which is why those who work from home might see this appliance as an even greater priority. All in all, it’s definitely something worth keeping in the back of your mind.

6.    Bluetooth showerhead

One of the best ways to improve your overall lifestyle is to remodel your bathroom. Why? Well, because it’s the first room that the majority of people visit when they get up in the morning, as well as the last place they visit before they go to sleep. In order to enrich and enhance this environment, what you need to do is try to create a luxurious spa-like experience. One of the ways to do so is to replace your regular showerhead with a high-tech Bluetooth showerhead.

A lot of people like to sing while taking a shower and with a Bluetooth showerhead, you’ll be able to take this concept up a notch. With the help of this showerhead, you won’t have to rely on a regular Bluetooth speaker. Also, you’ll never again have to walk out of the shower because you’ve forgotten to take the device with you. Other than listening to music, you can also answer phone calls, which means that there are no more interrupted bathing sessions for you.

7.    Dehumidifier

When it comes to cooling down your home, you can go with standard air conditioning but you can also look for an alternative in the form of a dehumidifier. You see, in order to make your apartment into something truly luxurious, you need to invest in the overall ambience and even the subjective feeling that it evokes in its visitors. This is why dehumidifiers are so great, due to the fact that they make the air within a room both cooler and more pleasant to breathe.

Needless to say, this method is also a lot eco-friendlier, seeing as how it requires less energy to cool down the room when compared to its AC alternative. The problem with a dehumidifier, nonetheless, lies in the fact that they’re not meant for every climate out there. For instance, if the region that you live in is already humid by nature, using a dehumidifier would be a preposterous idea. Other than this, you need to understand that an AC is still more potent than a dehumidifier. This means that if the temperature gap is huge, the dehumidifier might not be able to do the job.

8.    Wireless charger

When running a high-tech household, chances are that you’ll often lack charging capacities. You have only so many chargers and available power outlets. Sure, there are more than a few ways to solve this problem but the question is whether this is really worth doing. After all, the last thing you want is to have to wait until your smartphone is fully charged in order to plug in your tablet, etc. By installing an in-room wireless charger you can get a simple and elegant solution to this problem.

This also means that you can completely forget about the need for charging these wireless items while you’re inside of your apartment, due to the fact that this process will run completely independently of your actions. Previously, we’ve talked about impressing your guests with just how smart and efficient your home is. Well, there’s probably nothing that will impress them more than finding out that their smartphone’s almost depleted battery can be recharged without them having to take it to the power socket.


As you can see, the majority of these experiences make an improvement in one crucial sector. They can either make your home more impressive for visitors, make your chores simpler, make the place eco-friendlier and budget-friendlier or create a significant boost to your overall lifestyle. Either way, with each of these appliances you can make your home into a much more pleasant and elegant place.

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