Less Is More! Simple Decor Ideas for Your Open-Concept Space

Lately, more and more people choose to design houses in which open-concept spaces are essential – and why wouldn’t they? Having a singular space with multiple utilizations can be a great idea.

It can offer your house the modern sleekness you desire – not to mention the convenience you will have! You get the chance to socialize with your family while you’re busy in the kitchen. Also, you can easily interact with your guests and supervise your kids while they play.

But how can you avoid designing a crowded space that will prove to be a burden instead of a useful option?

You might feel overwhelmed by the huge amount of options you have, but don’t worry! You’ve come to the right place. In a minute, you’ll definitely know what you have to do. Here are some simple ideas on how to make your open-concept space more useful.


Simple Décor Ideas for Your Open-Concept Space

If you want your house to look like it’s straight out of a magazine, you definitely need to get organized. We offer you some useful tips that will prove you less is more. With these minimalist ideas, your concept space will be useful, charming and cozy. All these without clutter and overstuffed furniture.

  1. Curtains

Interlined linen or sheer curtains, hung on your windows are definitely among the simplest, yet chic accessories in your concept space. When combined with stylish drapery rods, curtains also bring a fresh look to your windows, floor, and walls and make your open space area look warm and cozy. You can also make your windows appear taller and your ceiling in the room look higher by placing curtain rods close to the ceiling.

  1. Mirrors

If you want to create a beautiful feature wall or you want to give your space with a low-ceiling a little bit of height, use mirrors. You can add a full-length mirror between two windows to help to spread light around your living room.

  1. Area Rugs

Keeping things simple can be easily done if you decide to decorate your open space area in just one style. However, different patterns or colors can be introduced subtly with the help of area rugs. Not only will they make the room look amazing, but they will also make the room more welcoming and give a sense of space.

  1. Wall Decorations

You don’t have to turn your walls into art exhibitions, but you should consider adding a few interesting wall decorations to your large space. Small pieces of art, combined with modern paintings will make the room seem wider and will enrich it with a stylish, modern look – especially if these decorations follow the same style as your room.

For example, if you choose to accessorize your concept space with a pastel sofa, a painting with a pattern that follows the same style will look amazing!

You can also choose futuristic shelves, which do not only look incredible but are also very useful.

  1. Colors: Using Undertones

Creating a minimal look does not need to be based on black and white only. Instead of risking to create an impersonal space that doesn’t characterize you, try using undertones. Introduce a little flavor into that ambiance by using patterns and combining them in unique ways. A pinch of color in the armchairs, carpet or cushions will turn your living room into a piece of art.

The hardest part about keeping it simple is not to fall into monotony. Color will definitely come in handy! Some of the minimalist, yet modern and stylish combinations you might want to choose from are:

  • White and black, combined with wooden elements;
  • Pastel colors combined with strident elements;
  • Grey undertones with stone and color;
  • Dark minimalist elements;
  • Beach house elements with white and brown.
  1. Small Details

You might like a neat room, with matching furniture and a combination of two colors, but you can still personalize it and make it feel like yourhome. It’s all about the small details. From the cushions to the vase on the coffee table, you can subtly add lots of colors and patterns without the risk of making the place look crowded. All you have to do is pick a color, style or a pattern – from natural elements to gold or wood – and go for it!


The Bottom Line

If you want your open concept place to look amazing, then minimalism is definitely a good choice. This is because this amazing style is a synonym to comfort, convenience and freedom. Even if the art of turning your place in morewith fewerelements might sound easy to do, in reality, it requires a bit of effort. Creating a beautiful and functional room that your whole family can enjoy takes time and discipline.

Nevertheless, taking away layers can be accomplished if you are open to embracing the new and getting inspiration from reliable sources. Be the designer for your own home and you’ll benefit from its beauty and comfort a long time from now on!

Author Bio:

Zana Dodig

Zana is a window treatments consultant with over 20 years of experience. 

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