Doors and Windows : Why a Good Installation is Important

Unless you live in a cave, doors and windows are part of our daily life. We open them, slam them, leave them ajar. They let loved ones in, along with light and a breeze. Unfortunately, doors and windows suffer from erosion as use and time take its toll. It’s important to have them replaced at the right time. This is the kind of renovation that offers an excellent return on investment thanks to the energy savings. A well insulated is a less heated house.

Whether they’re indoor or outdoor, swinging, sliding, folding or pocket doors, patio or main entrance doors, they are generally made out of wood, steel or aluminium. Not only do you have to buy the best on the market, but also install them properly.

A pro can install doors and windows for you easily and professionally, from the opening in the wall, to the lock. Make sure that the job will last for a long time, resist distortion and warping, handle constant opening and closing and always keep the house well protected from cold and humidity.

Insulation is essential to avoid cold infiltrations, condensation issues and frosted windows. In Québec, mineral wool or insulation foam is commonly used.

Mineral wool should not be crushed, all the insulating power is in the air it contains. As per the insulating foam, since it’s a liquid initially, it can fill all the little spaces more easily. A pro can recommend the best option for your needs. Doors and windows have also to be calked, both outside and inside, the mineral wool or the foam is not enough, it’s important to avoid infiltrations around the frame.

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