What to do when you start renovating your kitchen?

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If there’s one room that makes a difference when we are buying a new home, it’s definitely the kitchen. A kitchen is not just a place where meals are created, it’s often the soul of the house, a place where the family meets, friends share confidences, couples talk. It’s the living space that can increase the resale value of a house after renovations.

Before throwing yourself in a reno mode, make sure you plan the next steps carefully. All your meals will be compromised by the renovation work. If you choose to do it in summer, at least the barbecue can save you. Make sure the fridge is connected to an outlet somewhere in the house and is not obstructing traffic. Do not choose a bad timing for your little family (school exams, stressful meetings at work, etc.).

Before your start, think about what NEEDS to be done, and what’s NICE to have done. An old and faulty plumbing system, leaking windows, are a priority. A heating floor is not a necessity, but if you wish to have it, now is the time. One reno, once and for all. Ideally, your project has to be done by a pro.

To have the most accurate estimate, here’s a list that can help you identify your priorities and needs. You can then tour the kitchen with the pro and make sure you thought of very detail.

  • Kitchen cabinets: think of their depth, height, usage, etc.
  • Think of your kitchen “travels” between the dishwasher, the stove, the sink, etc.
  • The working station: close to the sink, well lit and make sure you have enough outlets for your small appliances.
  • Counter tops: marble, ceramic, slate or granite?
  • A central island: with or without appliances? With or without storage?
  • Ceiling, walls? Do you wish to take down a wall and have a bigger space?
  • Floors and floor covering: ceramic tiles? Heating floor or not?
  • Lighting: go for LED lights, more expensive upon purchase but very economical on the long run. Make sure your working stations are well lit. Avoid halogen lamps, the heat can be annoying.
  • Doors? Windows? Skylight?
  • Do you wish to have a dining area? A bar? A counter?
  • Sinks and fixtures
  • Appliances: choose them first so you can plan the space around them.
  • Heat? Air conditioning? Ventilation?
  • Patio doors? Deck in front of the kitchen?
  • General electricity for the kitchen? Music and integrated sound system?

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