Interior Decor: How to Convert Your Bedroom into a Bohemian Dream

If you are looking to redo your bedroom this summer, and are a bit overwhelmed by the sheer volume of ideas and suggestions on Pinterest, here’s an idea:

Have you considered a boho bedroom?

Bohemian bedrooms are cozy, warm, elegant, and an incredible space to rest and recharge. So, let’s look at some of the ways to upgrade your bedroom into a boho dream.

Use neutral colors


While you may feel boho is all about the colors, a neutral color palette is often easier to work with, yet still perfectly boho. The way to achieve this is to play around with fabrics, patterns, and different hues. Of course, you can add in a very bright throw or pillow, but if you focus on the neutrals (creams, oats, greys, browns, and off-whites), it will be much easier to strike the right tone.

Add a lot of plants

The more plants you have, the more your bedroom will resemble a boho paradise. If you’re not quite good at keeping plants alive, you can choose some nice faux plants and use them to add some greenery to the room. Anything from large standing pieces to hanging pots and tiny ones on the shelves will give off the right vibe.

Stop hiding your books

If you are a fan of books, create a display just for them. You can fashion your own shelves and make the books look like they are literally hanging in mid-air, or you can find an amazing antique and rustic bookcase at a garage sale or flea market and use that as your base. Don’t bother about color-coding your books either, as an organized mess is the effect you’re trying to achieve.

Bring in the scent

When you think of boho, you think of relaxation and soothing spaces. The best way to introduce that zen atmosphere is to use essential oils that will help you fall asleep and reduce your stress levels. Lavender and bergamot are a great choice, but you can also use vanilla and jasmine too.

Bring in some flowers

Flowery patterns on the bed and chairs, or even on the floor and walls, make for a great way to say boho in your bedroom. However, if you’re not a fan of the flowery pattern, you can opt for the real thing, and place a couple of bunches of fresh flowers around the room. If you’re not a fan of dead flowers, pots in the windows with real flowers can do the trick, or you can, again, find a great faux piece.

Hang some fairy lights

Lighting is very important in any room, as it will determine how soothing or how vibrant it will really be. By hanging some fairy lights above your bed and on the walls, you can easily achieve that dainty effect and bring some outside starlight inside. To avoid disrupting your sleeping patterns, make sure to turn the lights off when going to bed.

Add something to your ceiling

Boho bedrooms often utilize all the wall and ceiling space for decoration, so you can reach for a piece of fabric or even some wallpaper to decorate. Hanging pieces of soft fabric from the rafters is also a very boho thing to do, but make sure your hangings get cleaned often, as they will collect a lot of dust.

Plenty of pillows


Pillows on the bed are a given – and the more different kinds, the better. Try mixing a lot of contrasting patterns and materials to showcase that boho vibe, and swap them out often to find a combination that you like best. You can also add pillows to your chairs, and even create a little relaxation nook in one corner, filled with all kinds of comfy pillows, where you can read, meditate, or just lounge around.

Add that personal touch

Finally, make sure there is a lot of you in the room. Whether it is a collection of trinkets, notebooks, figurines, jewelry, display your possessions in the room. This will give the space that cozy bohemian vibe and make it feel lived in. You don’t have to overdo it, but leaving some of your things around on the desk or bedside table will lend that effortless feeling you’re looking for.

Final thoughts

Once your boho haven is ready, don’t forget to share your creation on Pinterest, and help inspire others with their makeovers.

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