Importance of Feng Shui During Home Renovations

When renovating your home, it’s easy to get stuck on paint colors, wallpaper designs, or furniture style. What we tend to forget is that it’s not all about how these things look, but how said colors, designs and materials make you feel. Afterall, you are looking to create the home of your dreams.

Feng Shui is an ancient chinese philosophy that has been making its mark in the western world since the 1970’s. In its current state, feng shui can pretty much be applied to any home no matter the shape or size. It’s also been adapted over the years to fit different interior design trends and fashions. Most commonly the term is now used to describe the arrangement of furniture in the home to create optimum energy flow. However, there are still some key elements surrounding color, texture and materials that can be easily implemented during reno.

Energy flow in your entryway

One of the key areas of the home according to feng shui principles is the entryway, no matter where this entryway sits in your home, it is said to be the gateway to all energy flow.

You may be thinking that all this talk of energy flow and chi sounds a bit far fetched. A good way to imagine it is like water. Imagine that the energy is water flowing through your front door. Can this water reach every room in your house? Are there obstacles, sharp corners or hard to get to areas? These are all obstructions that can disrupt the flow of chi in the home and therefore increase negative energy in yourself. You should be careful to keep the path clear of obstructions like bulky furniture or floor standing items and during renovation, ensure that you leave enough room in your hallway for passing traffic and necessary items. If you find yourself bumping your hip on the corner of your hallway side table every time you put down your keys, it’s time to think about how this small factor affects you over time.


Mirrors are a highly disputed subject when it comes to home decor, especially when you bring feng shui into the mix. Generally mirrors can be a fantastic tool when it comes to bringing natural light into your home. For example, the natural daylight that comes into those big living room windows every afternoon can actually be doubled with the right mirror placement. However, mirrors can also be a source of unwanted energy expulsion in the home if used incorrectly. A great example of this is in the entryway to your home. You should ensure that there are no reflective surfaces such as wall mirrors or mirrored furniture opposite your entry causing the energy to bounce straight back out the front door. Instead place these items perpendicular to the entryway, ensuring you still have a place to check your appearance whilst keeping all that positive energy safe inside the home.

Front door

The front door itself is something that can be easily overlooked during home renovation, this is generally due to expense. However, the front door really is a key element in keeping positive energy flowing and good feng shui within your home. Small faults in your front door such as chipped paint or a sticky lock can seem of minimal importance when you have a whole house to renovate, however these small things can make a huge difference to yourself and also to potential buyers if you are looking to sell. Having a perfectly painted and smoothly functioning front door can be a big hitter when it comes to first impressions.

Compass use and how it can improve your feng shui

Both ancient and modern/western feng shui both work in conjunction with a special map called the bagua map. This is used to outline specific colors, elements, materials and representations that should be used in different areas of the house. Whilst ancient feng shui specialists generally use a compass to determine how a home layout is represented on a map, the feng shui layout in modern homes is often determined by where the entryway is already located or within specific rooms themselves.


For more information as to how you can use the feng shui bagua map and other feng shui tips for your home renovation, check out the Ultimate Guide to Feng Shui for your Home

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