Ideas on giving your medical practice a treatment it deserves

Is your medical practice newly-constructed or is it in need of some major changes? Either way, it might need a renovation and some quality of life improvements. Renovating a medical practice is a bit more complex than your average renovation. There’s a multitude of factors to consider, even before you get into all the regulations you have to follow. There’s also a lot of room to improve, as no practice is made perfect right from the start. Here are some ideas to start with.


Look around

Before you start making any significant changes, you’re going to want to figure out what types of changes your practice requires. You can’t rush into renovating if there’s a risk that you’ll miss something big. Take a look at the space from your own perspective and from the perspective of your patients. What is it lacking? How can it be made more ergonomic and pleasant-looking?

The answers are often hiding in plain sight. Perhaps the seating isn’t adequate for patients that have a hard time getting up. You could also note the number of seats in the waiting room. If there are too few and patients are often seen standing while they wait, remedying this would be good. Additional exam rooms would give you more space to work with when you have a large number of patients.


Assess the space itself

When you’re looking for improvements, you need to consider the space inside the medical practice. If you’re looking to expand and increase the square footage, you’ll need to calculate the costs and figure out if it’s worth the trouble.

Different practices require different square footage for optimal work. The rates for medical space tend to vary from state to state, so you should take this into consideration before introducing more. A cost-benefit analysis would do you a lot of good when preparing for a renovation or expansion.


Improve workflow

Redesigning your practice for increased productivity requires some practical changes. Anything that slows the movement of your patients through the practice should be adjusted. If there are stairs, make sure they’re wide enough for at least two rows of patients to pass through. It goes without saying that railings are essential, for patients that might not be able to climb quickly otherwise.

Exam rooms should be outfitted with mini work stations that allow doctors to communicate with personnel and send documents without having to go all the way to their office. A functional phone and computer would come in handy as well.


Prioritize patient comfort

Medical professionals often design their workspace to fit their ideal vision of a medical practice. However, this isn’t the only point of view worth noting. There are also the patients that regularly come in for check-ups and medical procedures. Their view of the practice is just as important, if not more so.

When it comes to professional medical centre design, patient comfort and satisfaction should always be a priority. They’re the target demographic you wish to keep with your design, which makes their opinion invaluable for your renovations. You can always ask your patients what they would like to see changed. Take their opinion into consideration when deciding on the renovations and you’ll have a much better perspective on what to improve.


Get clever with marketing

Financing a major renovation takes a large amount of funds, especially when you’re looking to improve a medical practice’s design. However, there are some advantages to owning a medical practice, especially one that deals with everyday individuals. There’s another group that wishes to attract and influence common folk – politicians. They can prove to be invaluable allies for funding your practice, as long as you market it right.

There’s no shortage of politicians that want some positive publicity, so why not use it to your advantage? Contact a high-level representative and ask if they would fund or fundraise part of your renovations. In return, they would be allowed to organize a “ribbon-cutting” event and invite their constituents to see. Not only would this potentially reduce your costs, but it would also bring attention to your clinic and its improvements, giving you additional exposure. It’s a win-win situation.



Making improvements to your medical practice is a complicated process, but it’s perfectly manageable with the right planning and funding. As long as you have a coherent plan for the changes you want to introduce, you’re going to find it a lot easier to deal with renovations. Remember to keep patients comfortable and you’ll see positive results arise pretty quickly.

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