How to select the right furniture for your loft space?

When people think of decorating their loft, it builds-up many expectations. There are countless possibilities like high ceilings, decluttering the space, designing on walls, and support for columns. If you find a loft space, it often gets challenging to find the right furniture for it. What’s the secret of filling that space so that it doesn’t look odd? I know that filling the loft might not feel like something usual, but what if you fill the place in some creative ways. Here are some tips which will help you select the best furniture for your loft space.

Divide the space

When you divide the area, it will be easy for you to plan out where you can place the furniture. In loft space, you will be required to place some furniture as a boarder. Furniture like tables, bookshelves, or even cupboards can be diving for your room. The critical thing to mention here is that you must choose accessories that will not take up much space but still can serve their purpose right. One excellent option is to use screens between the rooms that act as prominent dividers.

Select the Color Theme

The loft will not have any walls like a typical house, so you must stick to an underlying color theme. This doesn’t mean that you pick something boring. You need to choose a color theme that is pleasing to the eye. The popular color palettes for lofts are neutral tones, in addition to some white, and darker color of brown all over. It’s lovely to go crazy about space. You can use some lively colors. The neutral tone colors can give a painting like an effect on your furniture. Texture with stripes or some design of your own can be a great addition.

Get Cozy

One of the things about loft is that it has that industrial material look. The bricks, the metal, and the exposed ducts are designed to represent the loft. That’s why it is important to use furniture that’s a little cozy. The items include velvet couches, comfy blankets, rugs, and even pillows for the floor can be a fantastic addition to the loft. However, the best advice that I’ve received from a friend is that use natural-looking elements, for instance, houseplants or woods that will keep your food fresh and give you some energy. Here, it is essential to mention that you use a sharp contrast with the furniture. Because in the loft, there are industrial textures, which means you must match those with the color of your furniture.

Pick Furniture for Black Space

Not every furniture will fit right into your home perfectly. This is why you need to go for a custom furniture design that will fill up the blank space in your loft. While filling the space, make sure that you use the balance between modernism and minimalism, which means that you don’t overwhelm the loft that can feel like something is missing from it. The most creative thing to do is to fill the walls with some art or even wall furniture. This type of small furniture can take some space but will surely make it cozier. If you don’t want wall decorations, you can even try adding a bookshelf just behind your dining chairs that will create a feeling of luxury in your loft.

Go for High Ceilings

One of the essential things that you need to consider before placing any furniture in your loft is how much space you are left with the ceiling. If the ceiling is low, it will be challenging to be more creative. A high ceiling can give you an option to fit light fixtures that will make the roof prominent. For this, you can go for pendant lights that can quickly hang at a lower height. This will create a fantastic effect on your high ceiling. Furthermore, you can use larger lightning fixtures in your living room or dining room to give it a high vibe.

Show some creativity with the storage

Most of the loft won’t have excessive storage, so when deciding the furniture for your attic, you need to use the divide the rooms (mentioned in number 1) to get more space for the storage. The good idea is to use large shelves or cupboards to break the space and place some decorative objects between those spaces. This can be a great chance to use wall decorations. When you decorate the wall, it will give a feeling that even the tiniest place is well-planned, and your friends will be impressed by your creativity.

Make the floor warm

Usually, a loft floor might feel classy or even modern, but to walk bare feet on it in the morning, can be a little difficult unless you’ve done something about it. The problem with cement flooring or hardwood floor is that the cement will feel cold, and the hardwood will not be feeling pleasant in the morning. To make the floor warm, you can use rugs. You can place rugs under the sofa or in the bedroom. This will make the place cozy and pleasant. If you want to be creative, you can use textures or long-threads that will create a good contrast with the floor.

To wrap it all up

A loft is a place that is ignored by many people. Or if I say that it gives a feeling of an urban style of living. Without the traditional walls, it provides a sense that there is no place left for anything else. But now you know what to do with that extra space. Fill the space with creative furniture and use rugs, bookshelves as dividers, or even make more room by putting shelves between rooms. You can make custom furniture to fill up the extra space. It is time that you take your home décor to one step ahead by decorating your loft and give a feeling that its part of your home.

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