How to prepare your home for sale – a guide

Putting your home for sale requires a lot of preparations. End user home buyers expect a well-finished product, and so the onus is on the seller to deliver against the other competing real estate listings. If you are a first-time seller, or even if you are doing it for the nth time, you may require certain tips for selling your house to get the best price for your home.

A house sells at the top prices when it is situated in a prime location, is in shape that can offer good ROI and has a very habitable appeal that welcomes the buyers the moment they visit it. Making homes ready for a site-visit by the buyer, therefore, include lots of preparations covering home improvement. This seller guide is designed to offer you complete support on all aspects of home presentation for sale so that your property gets picked by the pickiest home buyers.

General home selling tips

When you are out selling your house, you need to be completely aware of the following points. These points help you know how you can make maximum money by putting the house on sale. It doesn’t matter if you live in NewYork, own a house in Metro Vancouver BC, or even if you are renovating luxury West Vancouver homes for sale, it is important that you follow the same standard of care


a.   Know about the market value of the house

If you have a home to sell, you must know about its market value. Being aware of this important point helps you ensure that you are not closing the deal at a loss. And it also helps you to learn what types of renovations were done on the homes that were sold.


b.  Know about the liabilities attached to the house

You must have a full record of encumbrances, if any, attached with the house. If you can pay them off before putting the house on sale, you are likely to get buyers more readily. This is the case especially if you owe property taxes to the city.


c.   Clear off all pending energy and property tax bills

You must take responsibility for clearing all the energy and property or wealth tax bills before searching for the prospective buyers. It takes away all the excuses that the buyers may make for winning more concessions in the property price.


d.  Ensure complete clarity of title

A property with a disputed title is likely to discourage the buyers from considering it. So, it is better to have a complete chain of title in hand and if you are the first owner of the property, keep all documents of ownership handy. A property free and clear of encumbrances ensures a smooth sale.


Home staging tips

After having taken all the crucial actions mentioned in the above section, it is time to actually prepare, improve and stage your home. Sellers must make good attempts for preparing the house for sale. To prep your house, you can take some or all of the following steps:


a.   Redesign home according to the current trends

While preparing your home for sale, you can take some steps with far-reaching effects if the budget allows. For example, you can tweak in some modern architecture inspired changes to offer a ready-to-move-in property to the buyer.


b.      Do a little bit of curb appeal exterior designing

To enhance the curb appeal of the house, working on exteriors is really important. There are several landscaping solutions available at a budget which can be used for enhancing the looks of the house. Perhaps fixing those overhangs and sidings could be in order. Finally a good exterior paint job may really help improve the exterior look. A house with welcoming looks attracts buyers a bit more easily.


c.       Some very important home improvement tasks to do

The current housing market statistics reveal that people search for fully finished houses with well-designed closets and storage units. These essentials help maximize the storage space of the house and help to keep it well-organized and systematic. So, you can take care of home improvement tasks such as:

  • Getting a fresh coat of paint done at interiors as well as at external façade
  • Beautification of the front porch with the help of flowerpots, some furniture pieces,etc.
  • Repair and painting of broken closets and storage units and redoing of all locks and handles
  • Deep cleaning of washrooms, kitchen sinks, and complete interiors. It may remove pet smells or those typical foul odors that can make buyers fall out of love with your property.
  • Maintenance of curtains and blinds is another thing to take care of. You can either get them dry-cleaned or get those replaced with new units for staging purposes.
  • Get home inspections done by plumbers, electricians, and HVAC experts to locate and fix all issues related to these.

Fresh paint, deep cleaning and repairs and other acts of grooming can make your house sparkle like new.


d.      Home staging works to do

To increase the possibility of selling your home at good rates, staging is found to be an important process. The idea is to create that first impression that becomes too hard for the home buyers to forget.

Important home staging works may include:

  • Depersonalize your house by taking away family photos– it enhances the sense of belonging helps buyers visualize it as a fresh property
  • Put on curtains and blinds – to give a fair idea of the privacy quotient of the house
  • Place fresh flowers at welcome points –Flowers at the front door, for example, set the mood and buyers feel like home.
  • Clean and declutter regularly – Especially, before giving the site-visit invitation, spring cleaning should be done as a final step of staging.


e.  Work on the visibility of the property in the area

Take help of Canadian real estate association if you are trying to sell a property located in Vancouver. Make sure you use their buyer resource centre. It can be a good idea to know about the popular demands of the buyers.

A listing agent can help in finding a place in their ‘available property’ list that a potential buyer mostly refers to for finding the property with a good home value in the area.

Also, you can enlist your property with online real estate agents. The mobile apps are also trusted agent resources these days. Your listing agent can market your property under the unique home in the area or beautiful houses of the area to get you maximum attraction.


f.        Arrange support for making buying easier and faster

Think about giving the buyers:

  • Affordability calculator support
  • Prevailing real estate market rates
  • Home loan providing bank details and documentation required

Approach the buyers who do not have too much outstanding on the credit card or hefty student loans running. The credit report can be helpful in looking for such buyers as this report factors in all these things vs. assets to divulge the results.

Real estate investing can be a dicey affair, especially for a first time home buyer. All the above tips can help gain confidence in the buyer and give him much-needed comfort.

And yes, don’t forget to keep a welcome mat at the door; it helps get that first impression right!


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